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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Quaver, Sep 22, 2007.

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    I'm looking for an old friend of mine Roy Hudson. He is an Eb BAss player from the Mansfield area of Nottingham. We lost touch back in 1978 when he went to the Royal Engineers BAnd.

    I have been told he left to play with such bands as Grimethorpe and YBS (Travelsphere), although I can't confirm that.

    Please help me to get back in touch.

    Colin (Wagger) Cunliffe - colin@quaver.freeserve.co.uk

  2. Di

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    Quote from Brass Band World Magazine

    "The winning team came from the Fairfield Buxton Band - Fareth Flannegan, Mark and Paul Elliott and Simon Kitchen. Second place went to the ‘Butlins’ team, led by event organiser Stan Lippeatt, with Frank Renton, Trevor Smith and Mark Walters. Third place went to the Just Music team of Michael Bevan, Nigel Durno, Roy Hudson and Kevin Hughes."



    Hope this helps.
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    I knew Roy in the early 90s at Nottingham City Transport band; before that he'd played for GUS/Rigid Containers. Top bloke, and an awesome Eb player. I lost touch after I left uni (and the band) but I know quite a few of the NCT band of that era are with Carlton Brass, they may know where he is. He married Julie Harcourt, who played flugel for NCT at the time.
  4. Quaver

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    Many Thanks

    Yep He sure was a great Eb player, I've seen him demonstrate to clarinet players where they were going wrong by playing the piece to them.

  5. Di

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    Have you been able to get in touch? :)
  6. Quaver

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    Not yet but have chased several new leads so very hopefull