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    I'm putting together a list of new music for my band to consider buying. Having been out of banding for around 10 years until last summer, I don't know a lot of the new pieces that are available. The other problem I've found looking at some of the sites that sell music is that it often doesn't specifiy the standard of band that the piece is suitable for so I thought some of the knowledgable folk on here might be able to help me out.

    Mainly (but not entirely) I'd be looking for good concert music (either original or arrangements) up to a 3rd or 2nd section standard. I would be grateful for any suggestions.

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    We have a great range of new music available, as the company was only established 4 years ago ;-) Although we don't list a difficulty rating for each piece, we do suggest if a piece is playable by most bands, or if it is for the top sections etc. In addition to this, you can see the FULL score of all our pieces before you purchase, leaving the choice upto you.
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    Compositions by Paul Lovatt-Cooper are popular with bands and audiences around the world at the moment.

    His first major success was Where Eagles Sing. It can serve as an opener or closer and lasts about 4.5 minutes.
    Horizons has also sold well.
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    Have a look at our website.
    Our pieces have a grading guide and you can view the scores online so you can make your own mind up whether the music is suitable.

    Go to : http://www.sjsbandmusic.com

    SJS Music
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