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Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Accidental, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    As Roy is adjudicating our next association contest, I'm trying to find some info on previous contests he's judged. Does anyone know if he has any preferences for test pieces (old vs modern, easy vs. stretchy etc etc)? Please help!
  2. iancwilx

    iancwilx Well-Known Member

    When I played under him a couple of years back he kept saying "Fill the bars out" (Not alcoholic I hasten to add.) and "Don't short change the music" (or something similar!)
    He doesn't like gaps between bars for breathing etc - keep the sound going right up to the bar line - sustain the sound.
    He really is keen on this.
  3. missflugel

    missflugel Member

    He adjudicated the 1st Section North of England areas a couple of years back when i played Royal Parks. I think he went for full middle of the band sounds with like earlier said, sustained bars and sound throughout the movements. Dynamics were also important looking back at the remarks.

    Jo x
  4. Frontman

    Frontman Member

    Roy played sop but that really does not matter.

    Play it as you think it should be. If it is good enough it will win.
  5. Straightmute

    Straightmute Active Member

    Ask someone at Friary Band, Roy used to act as their professional conductor in earlier days! :D

  6. deezastar

    deezastar Member

    Lucky you! Roy Roe is a fine adjudicator and always gives out fair results! Good luck! :D
  7. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    Erm..... you know who I play for, right? :lol: :wink:

    Thanks for the tips guys. What we were really after was any preferences for actual pieces/styles/composers though.

    I appreciate helpful-frontman's point, but given that adjudication is always going to be subjective I don't think it hurts to try to fit your choice to the guy who'll be sat in the box judging it. Think about it - if you knew an adjudicator HATED a particular composer's music, would you not pick a piece by someone else? Common sense imho.
  8. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    If it's any help, this was my summary for 4barsrest of his remarks in the 1st Section, L&SC:
  9. GJG

    GJG Well-Known Member

    .... not sure most of my band would have agreed with you after the qualifiers.....(nor the 4BR reviewer actually)..... :wink:
  10. Tuba Miriam

    Tuba Miriam Member

    Indeed! He got the top placings right (good luck for the finals Staines) but as for the rest, it seemed more like the Woolworth's First Section Qualifiers it was so pick n mix. :wink:

    Which contest is this anyway?

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