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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by south bank, Nov 13, 2003.

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    hello everyone out there. this is my first posting on tmp
    i'm trying to trace my dad whom i have not seen for 30 years or more. he played cornet alongside jimmy shepherd at carlton main early 60's then moved on to markham main late 60's early 70's and at that point i lost track. i've contacted the bands in question to no avail and wonder if there's anyone out there who may know of his whereabouts. his name is alec(alexander) dinning and will be in his early 70's
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    is jimmy shepard the one who plays for faireys?
  3. south bank

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    looking for dad/jimmy shepherd

    don't think so. think js has retired from playing and until very recently was md ripon city band
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    Re: looking for dad/jimmy shepherd

    ah sorry thought i recognised the name
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    I'm sorry that I cannot help you, but I wish you all the best in finding him.
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    Have done a few internet searches for you on the name 'Alec Dinning' and it brings up a site belonging to a gentleman who is compiling a list of past members of the Bearpark & Ash Colliery Band. Assuming that your father contacted him to have his name included, perhaps he can point you in the right direction:


    Otherwise, why not try Jim Shepherd directly (if you haven't already)? Maybe he has some clues. I looked at the Ripon Band Site and this was the only contact email address I could find. He runs the Youth Band there, why not try him?


    Really hope this helps you out

    Rothwell Temps
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  8. south bank

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    thanks to everyone for their suggestions so far. i have tried all suggestions so far except the sally army tracing service so thanks to john for that idea and can i also say that the responses so far have confirmed my belief that the banding world is a unique and closely knit friendly fraternity

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    I guess everyone atleast will have an idea of where to go and suppose there's bound to be one of them you haven't tried :D

    All the best, let us all know how you get on so we can either cheer or put our heads together again :)

  10. asteria

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    Nah that's Jimmy Legget, another legend in his own right!

    Assume you've already tried Jim Shep but if you do need contact information for him send me a pm.

    Best of luck!