Looking For Cornet Mouthpieces

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by dhanimiller, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. dhanimiller

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    I'm looking for an old McCann Cornet Mouthpiece, preferably the original McCann ones that aren't made anymore... a lewington mccann will suffice though.
    Or a Jim Shepherd Special...

    Thanks in advance
  2. Anno Draconis

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    Bruce, the original ones were the Lewington McCanns. (named for Bill Lewington who was the UK Yamaha dealer at the time, I think)

    The design is very similar. I played on an original one for years, and when that got really, really knackered I replaced it with the modern version and was hard pressed to tell the difference either visually or playing-wise. I'd get a new one if I were you. I got my new one from Trevada, they've got mail order ones here.

    You can, however, have my old one if you want it. I'd boil it for a while, though, and it's got a lot of dints in it!
  3. dhanimiller

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    The first mass produced ones were Lewington McCann's, but there was an originalwhich is quite unique in comparison, Jo from Pem has one but she got it when she was 9!It's unmarked apart from saying McCann around the shank, as far as I know these are as rare as hen's teeth!

    I've got my eye on 2 Lewington McCann's on Ebay at the moment, will get back to you if I don't win either!
  4. jennyt125

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    I had a look through my stash of old mouthpieces and may have one you're after.
    It is marked ' Jim Shepherd Special' Parker . London . England
  5. John_D

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    I've played on a Jim Shepherd for years, a great mouthpiece (in my opinion) and one that is very much sought after. I've known many players who were looking for one. If it's not wanted, put it on ebay and let the bidding begin.
  6. dhanimiller

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    I can see a simpler solution though, I've PMed you Jenny! :)