Looking for brass band in Schotland (Edinburgh)

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    Dear fellow brass players

    I'm a Belgian student(22years old) who plays the flugelhorn in the local band(Amateur).

    Next year I'm going abroad to Schotland Edinburgh for my internship from 1 March 2013 until 31 of May 2013.

    I was wondering if there were any Brass Bands in Edinburgh where I could play whilst my stay.
    So I could still have the fun playing together with other people, maintain my playing and make new friends.

    I don't really know what the brass bands rules are in Schotland but if there is only
    one flugelhorn allowed and you already have one its possible for me to bring a cornet instead.

    Kind regards


    PS: If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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    There is a recently formed, non contesting band who rehearse in the City Centre - see www.edinburghbrassband.org.uk;
    depending on how far you wish to travel, there are several others within a radius of 15-20 miles.

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    [FONT=Segoe UI, Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]Hi Bram[/FONT]

    St David's Brass are a 2nd Section band based in Gorebridge (about 10 miles/16km south of Edinburgh City Centre). There are good bus links and we can try to help with transport where we can. We currently rehearse twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays from 7-9pm) with an active contest and concert schedule coming up in the new year

    We're always on the lookout for new players and even though only temporary, you would be very welcome to come along and join us.

    A couple of links to our main website and Facebook page if you want to find out a bit more about us



    Let me know if you'd be interested in coming down to a rehearsal when you're over or if you would like any more information about the band. We don't have a flugel vacancy as such just now, but you could still bring it with you to play and we could always loan you a cornet if needed. My email address is delboy822@msn.com

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    I think I'll just take the opportunity to say that 30 years ago when I went to work in Aberdeen in the oil industry, I one day heard a brass band in the street when working on a Sunday in the office. I was amazed there were brass bands in Scotland and for some reason believed it was all bagpipes and haggis and stuff up there (sorry for the apparently 'racist' and un PC generalisation reference but there you go I said it and I thought it). The band I heard was the Salvation Army and to play brass again after a few years break I was willing to "sign the pledge" or do whatever you needed to do to join the SA. I was saved from that (although of course things aren't that strict in the SA these days) as Aberdeen - a small city - had four brass bands dotted about the place and a few more in the outskirts. I even did a stint in Shetland and was honoured to play in UKs most northerly brass band in Lerwick.

    Useful link for any brass band traveller:

  6. Trustos

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    Its a Bb cornet right that I need to play in the Brass Band?
  7. MoominDave

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    9 Bb cornets, 1 Eb soprano cornet, 1 Bb flugel
  8. Trustos

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    I'll be comming in to Edinburgh this weekend :).
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    The Scottish Brass Band championships are being held in Perth Concert Hall on the weekend of March 12th/13th. You should give the event a visit ... http://www.sbba.org.uk/events/id=306
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    I ll try to be there whats the address of the Perth Concert hall? Sounds interesting.
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    A few of your Belgian friends will also be there (on Sunday) ... Luc Vertommen (MD, Kingdom), Glenn Van Looy (Euph, Co-op) and Harmen Vanhoorne (Principal Cornet, Kingdom).
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    Its quite the distance tough as I don't have my car with me.Glenn van Looy plays in Brass Band Heist doesn't he in belgium?
  14. brassneck

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    Glenn does play with BB Heist and both Luc and Harmen are with Buizingen. Maybe you can contact one of the bands mentioned in this thread and get a lift to the contest?