looking for a Sparx 4E sop mouthpiece

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by lisa65, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. lisa65

    lisa65 New Member

    I don't suppose anybody has one for sale by any chance? :)
  2. DRW

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    Hi Lisa. I have one (unfortunately not for sale) and it was my favourite mouthpiece by far for a good year or more as I got back into playing. However, over the last couple of weeks I've returned to my original sop mouthpiece, a Wick S and I'm now wondering why I ever tried anything else. The tone, intonation and blending is far superior (for me) than the expensive Sparx (and all the others I tried in between Bach 17C, Shilke 14a4X etc.) I went back to the Wick after recently lending my instrument to 2 players who both sounded better using that one rather than my others.

    I know this doesn't answer your post, but I thought I'd share my experience before you spend £130 on a mouthpiece that may not be the silver bullet you were hoping for. (Appreciate you may already have experience on one though :)) Having said that, I'll be keeping mine just in case I need something that projects well, and it did serve a great purpose in being an easy to play mouthpiece to get me comfortable on the instrument again.

    I notice from your other posts that you've just changed from notoriously dreadful Besson Sop to a Schilke. I'd personally get used to your current mouthpiece with that instrument before trialling too many other.

  3. lisa65

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    Useful info there, thanks :) I don't really know any other sop players and I am very much finding my way. I went onto sop from 2nd cornet after only playing for 18 months so I have had a rather steep learning curve. My MD is very keen on the laser-like effect that the Schilke is capable of and is always on at me to play louder.
    Personally I quite liked the mellow sound of the Besson although the intonation was awful.

    I would like to find a combo that I feel comfortable on so I can stick with it and develop my playing. I tried a DW sop mouthpiece briefly when I first started but could hardly get a sound out of it - it belonged to our previous sop player and he took it with him so we don't have one available at band for me to try it again. Currently using a Bach 7E. Got my sop debut at the Areas coming up soon so I shan't be changing anything before then anyway.
  4. DRW

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    Glad it was useful. Sounds like you're in at the deep end and certainly enjoying the challenge :) The Wick is a quieter mouthpiece so if you need help projecting, your MD is correct and something else would help. If you struggle to get a Sparx, I found the Schilke 14A4X quite similar and a easier and cheaper to get hold of. I think I have 2 of those (bought 1 by accident - duh!) so if you are interested I could try to locate it.
  5. lisa65

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    I think we've got one of those upstairs thanks :)

    I blame my lack of projection on being small! ;)
  6. DRW

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    Cool. That must be why I have plenty of projection! :)
  7. Not sure about that - I've heard some physically small people project a huge sound. Bram Gay springs to mind - quoted on Wiki as 'the shortest man ever to play in the Scots Guard Band', he was principal cornet at Fodens aged 14, and became first trumpet at the Halle.

    Try Arnold Jacobs breathing exercises to get those lungs going!
  8. MoominDave

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    How tall is Bram Gay? Reckon my grandfather (Scots Guards clarinettist 1920-1948, entered at 4'8" at the age of 14 according to his card) ought to pip that.
  9. Not sure, but from memory definitely taller than 4'8". That's what you get for reading Wikipedia... :)
  10. lisa65

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    I'm not quite that small! :D