Looking for a second-hand Flugel

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by westoe_horn, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. westoe_horn

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    Due to work and life commitments I am not getting the chance to play in a band at the moment. I am a horn player but I've had a think and have decided that I'm going to look for a second-hand flugel to practice at home, just to have some fun and try something a bit different.

    So if anyone has one they are looking to sell please let me know. I'd prefer a Yamaha Maestro but other makes considered too. Budget depending on instrument.

    Thanks for looking.
  2. westoe_horn

    westoe_horn Member

    Still on the look out for a second-hand Yamaha Maestro flugel.

    I now have a couple of potential leads that I am waiting to hear more about - so with any luck, I will hopefully get to organise a time to have a blow to test each over the coming weeks. However if anyone else has one they would consider selling please drop me a message. As I said, ideally I'm looking for a Yamaha (631G) but I'm not blinkered about that and other quality makes/models also considered.

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  3. T Winch

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    How about having a go on cornet David? ;)
  4. westoe_horn

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    I said "...have a bit of fun..." in my own time, not scare the poor residents of Felling through some horrific laserbeam cornet playing!! ;)

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