Looking for a new Euph.

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by MartinBen, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. MartinBen

    MartinBen Member

    I'm selling my current Euph. (Virtuosi VB-631L) (see Classified Adverts section) but wondering what to buy as a replacement?

    My budget would be around £1100-£1200 mark.

    Looking at possibly:-

    Besson 1065
    Jupiter 570L
    York 365 Prescience

    Anyone got any other suggestions or play any of these and can comment?
  2. _si

    _si Member

    £1200 should be enough to get you a round stamp sovereign from the 80's in good condition, that would be my choice!
  3. MartinBen

    MartinBen Member

    Found another possible - Rosetti Series 7 - seems to be a compensating Euph.
  4. fsteers

    fsteers Member

    Hmm ... you currently own a compensating euph and you're planning to sell it an buy a non-comper. :confused:
  5. Blagger

    Blagger Member

    Yep - go for an early 80s round stamp sov at that price.
    Might take a while to find one but will be night and day above the other models you have listed so far IMO
  6. Bass Trumpet

    Bass Trumpet Active Member

    I wouldn't touch the Besson or the Jupiter. Couldn't comment on the York.

    I would agree with the posters above; don't buy a new heap when you can buy an older decent instrument.

    What would you rather have, a new Lada or a 2nd hand Mercedes?
  7. simonium

    simonium Member

    I have played both the Besson and York Prescience 4 valve non compensating euphoniums and the York is significantly better, but is quite a bit more expensive. The only issues I noted concerned pedal D and Db which are hardly common notes (of course, depending on the level of playing). As for getting a second hand Globe Sovereign in good nick at all let alone for £1200, I fancy that's wishful thinking!
  8. Di B

    Di B Member

    I know of a band that sold one on ebay for not much more than £1200.
    Believe it or not, outside euph players most others don't realise how good these instruments are!
  9. simonium

    simonium Member

    I work in a brass specialist music shop whose stock of s/h instruments is excellent and it is very rare indeed for these instruments to come up. I think a lot of bands are now realising that a good Boosey And Hawkes Globe Sovereign is a good instrument indeed. The majority of the Globe Sovereigns I have played however, are not as good tuning wise, as the Besson Sovereign (with Besson stamped on the bell and no oval)that immediately followed them. They are aesthetically very similar except for the logo and minor revisions to the false piece, valve caps etc. They are just as weighty and well put together. For some reason these are often overlooked but are, in my opinion at least, just as good.

    The Globes rightly have a reputation for excellence, but the slightly later models - a long time before the lottery horrors - are very much worth a look too. They are more likely to come up s/h too. :) Good hunting!
  10. _si

    _si Member

  11. MartinBen

    MartinBen Member

    I'll checkout Glyn's website - any ideas where he is based?

    Had a blow of the bands Besson Sovereign tonight but the upper D was well sharp - despite some pulling of tuning slides so went back to my Virtuosi after 20mins.

    Simonium - whereabouts are you based - do you have a website?
  12. _si

    _si Member

    I do beleive Glyn lives in saddleworth :)
  13. simonium

    simonium Member

    Evening Martin. You can look at the Trevada Music website on www.trevadamusic.co.uk all contact details are there. I'm on holiday this week but will be back from Tuesday. Will be good to chat. Cheers, Simon
  14. foxyflug

    foxyflug Member

    Give Glyn a call on 07976 628956.............he'll let you know what he's got in at the moment and what he's expecting to have in the near future.

    Helen Williams

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