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  1. Crazysop

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    I'm not knowing much about cars, Are there any car fixing boffins out there who can help me with this random prob. My rear wiper is not working and I would like to have a go at fixing it myself before I pay out for a garage to do it. I tried the fuse, it's not that. Any Ideas?
  2. Big Twigge

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    You could try attaching a small child to the roof of your car and asking them to wipe it with a squeezy window wiper thing everytime it rained? Only an idea and I hope for your sake (and the sake of the child!) you get a proper solution from a car type person. I can only promise to go and wash my mouth out with soap now!

    Proper good luck (without children and ropes!)
  3. Power Tooba

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    Most likely the motor, the wiring or the switch!

    Ideally test for voltage where the supply meets the motor, if there is 12 volts present, then you probably need to fix / replace the motor.

    If there isn't any voltage present then try the output from the switch which could be tricky in amongst all the wires behind the dash. If no voltage there then it's probably the switch or the wiper stalk, if there is a supply from the switch then there is probably a a break in the wire from the switch to the motor.

    I'd say that was a brief summary of potential problems - i'd start with the motor.

    If you're likely to carry out repairs to your car yourself then i'd buy the "Haynes" manual for it, they're quite easy to follow and talk you through most steps to repair the car and fairly concise on common faults and where to find specific components, or connections.
  4. NeilW

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    Depends a bit on what type of car it is....

    As has been pointed out, its likely to be either the wiring or the motor itself.

    In some cars, the connection to the door is by pins that arrive on plates when the door is shut (e.g. Vauxhall Astras!) The plates break/get dirty and can be repaired or cleaned.

    Otherwise the wiring is by a rubber sheathed permanant connection at the top. As they bend every time you open the rear door, they break (metal fatigue!)

    Get a bulb attached to a piece of wire (an indicator / side light from a s****yard may be a cheap source!) and attach it to the wiper motor. If it lights when you think the motor should be working, there's power there and its the motor. If it doesn't there's a wiring fault.

    You can chase back the appropriate colours of wire through the various junctions to the switch with your test light to identify where the fault is.

    My hunch would either be the switch or the connection to the rear door, or the motor itself.

    Do other things on the rear door (number plate light, perhaps) work? if so, its likely the wiring is OK.

    Good luck

  5. Crazysop

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    I'ts a Nissan Micra. All other rear end bits seem to be ok. when i turn the switch i can hear a click from back, but no wipe!!!, sprayers work fine. bummer, wanted it fixed before drivin to pontins. dosent look like i'm gonna get a cheap fix to it.
  6. super_sop

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    I'd Go With Andy's Solution. If You Want To Have A Go At Fixing Anything Ona Car, The Haynes Manuals Are Great. Evertything Is Laid Out Exactly As They Are . All You Have To Do Is Follow The Easy Steps.

    Have Fun
  7. 2nd man down

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    For goodness sake whatever you do, don't walk in to the garage and say "Can I have a new wiper for ths Micra?" They'll snap your hand off and assume it's a straight swap your after!! :biggrin:

    a-hem...sorry. :rolleyes:

    Car electrics are notoriously difficult to follow unless you know what you're doing...and dc voltages (as in the cars 12Vdc supply from the battery) make it even more tricky to fathom (you can submerse a land rover in water and the electrics will still work...how does that happen then?!?!)...

    I'd suggest if you're going to do it yourself to definitely arm yourself with the Haynes manual (make sure you get the right book for your model) and do it methodically, making sure there are no sharp objects nearby because at some point you will lose it and want to kill someone it's that annoying.

    If you can hear a click it suggests that the switch (relay) is actually energising, which means that either the contact itself is faulty, or there's a loose connection or faulty wire somewhere, or like suggested before the motor is duff.

    Good luck...it's not going to be easy I'm afraid, these things have a habit of driving people stark staring bonkers. :(

  8. sterlingsop

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    Lou - ask Lee to have a look for you. I hear he's good at fixing cars! The cost of repair/inspection would then be roughly the equivalent of a pint of John Willie Lees best!!
  9. super_sop

    super_sop Supporting Member

    ooooOOOooo the other fun bit about doing cars yourself is scrabling about at the breakers yard looking for replacment parts. used toi reallly enjoy that! mind you most places these days will have bits like washer moters etc off the shef. cust down on the fun, but the parts are dead cheap and usually garentted for a couple of months
  10. NeilW

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    Maybe that's why mine won't run properly at the moment (having eliminated the carbs, the next thing to try is the coil - done points/condenser and HT leads!)

    Removing rings and watches/bangles is a smart move too. Gold and other metals conduct electricity very well but get very hot very quickly!

    Agreed, if its clicking at the back, its getting power there. Probably the motor itself, or the self-park mechanism (which is usually integral).

    The fun thing at s**** (why won't tMp accept S C R A P?) yards is figuring out what else will "do the job". My MGF has a Metro wiper motor at present - much more "available" and a lot cheaper - just needed an adaptor to the wiring loom to get it working (plug from old motor mated to socket from a Metro loom to plug the WM into :) )

    Good luck.

  11. Di

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    Do try again. We've made an adjustment so we can write scrap, scrappy, scrapped as much as we like. But we can't say ****! ;)

    Yaay, thanks John. :tup
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    I don't think it allows rehearsal either;)
  13. DaveR

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    Oh - I take it back - it now does!!!! :oops:

  14. Crazysop

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    Ta folks! I do have a GCSE in electronics, however it didnt cover car electronics and I'm not brave enough to go checking random wires etc, I was hopin there may be a quick n easy solution, like the fuse but i did try that 1st! Nope will ask some 1 like Lee (ta 4 that pammy) or my dad ( who usually fixes all things with a hammer) to have a look at it! 4 me!!!!!
  15. PeterBale

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    But can we have a game of craps :?: ;-) :lol:

    Edit: Yes, so "Guys & Dolls" is alright ;)
  16. Daisy Duck

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    My rear wiper on my Escort often doesn't work. I've got a really good, friendly mechanic who just tightens something up and hey presto, it works again.

    If I select the wiper, I can hear it trying to work but no wiping. I don't know how to mend it myself but it takes the mechanic about 5 seconds. He does it for me about once a month!
  17. stephen2001

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    In the Haynes manual, it's a 3 out of 5 rating, so in theory, it's fairly tricky to do, although to be honest, the instructions seemed to make it appear fairly easy.

    Car electronics are generally OK provided you've got some idea of what you're doing. Most connections are a plug and socket rather than having to solder wires together.
  18. andyp

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    It may be water's got into it. Under the wiper pivot (inside the tailgate) theres a sort of disc thingy with metal tracks on it, these correspond with the amount the wiper arm rotates, so power goes to the motor while the wiper goes across the screen, but cuts off when it gets to the bottom, and it'll keep going to the end even if you knock the switch off while it's half-way across. If any water's got in, the contacts for these may have gone rusty, so the power'll get as far as the disc thingy but not to the motor.
    To check this you do need to take the motor off from the inside, though, so depends how happy you are about doing that! Under a cover at the pivot end of the arm (on the outside) is a nut to undo, once this is off (don't lose any washers or seals, and make a note of the order they go on in!) the wiper arm comes off, and you should be able to unbolt the motor and gearbox from the inside in one piece. There may or may not be a panel in the inside to get at it through, if not then you'll have to take the plastic panel off the inside of the tailgate first. Then it's just a matter of seeing if it's gone rusty and cleaning it up. You may need a new seal to stop more water getting in, but they're cheap enough.
    hope this helps! had to do this with a Rover 214 I used to have!