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  1. bigcol

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    I'm looking for a good solo suitable for an Eb Bass - would like it to be about 3-4 minutes long, and be quite showy and flashy, without being the normal air vairie fodder. Any suggestions?
  2. super_sop

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    have a look under the bed, if im looking for something i usually find it there, its wear abigail likes to hide things.....

  3. nickjones

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    Mr Sparkes arrangement of " The Sun Has got his hat on" is ace.
    there is a great arrangement of "Dancing Away with the smoothing Iron " by Ray Stedman Allen. rosehill published if I can remember.
    Tuba Tapistry - Michael Brand
    Czardas arr Steve Sykes is another winner
  4. jpbray

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    Tuba Smarties as starter
  5. WorldofBrass.com

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    Standing on the Promises by Erik Silfverberg has just been added to the World of Brass website. No soundbite yet but it's fairly straightforward in a light, jazzy sort of way.
  6. bigcol

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    or a finisher ;) not quite what I was looking for.

    No I'm looking for something a bit classy - not your normal "take the **** in a funny manner" type solos.
  7. skweeky

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    im sure there would be an arrangement of grandfathers clock for bass. most bass solos are humourous as its not really the norm to have a solo on bass. Things like teddybears picnic and tuba mukl are hard but they sound great when pulled off. i think tuba mukl covers 3 and a half octaves or something stupid like that
  8. RondoRotundo

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    Why not try Albertie, The Imp or Rondo Rotundo, all by Denzil Stephens and a little less run of the mill.
  9. BbBill

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    Have a look at Badinage, (Kevin Norbury, wrote for Pat Sheridan, available thru WoB) thats quite good, goes up to F above top C and finishes on the pedal G, quite catchy and could be kinda showy!! (Its on the CD- Blazing Brass, Pat Sheridan and New York Staff Band or you could get any of his or Steve Sykes' CDs and see what they play!!) ;)

    Also look on the Editions Bim website, theres quite alot of good solos available there, there is some soundbites too which is helpful, they also sell books and CDs that Roger Bobo has done, really good! :tup :clap:

    Or theres always "Fight of the Bumble Bee" or maybe "One foot in the Grave"......! ;)
  10. brassneck

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    ... what about Tom Wyss's arrangement of the 'Allegro' from Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto?
  11. The Rondo from Capuzzi's Bassoon concerto works OK if you want something quite flash but 'non humourous'.

    It has been published for band in an arrangement by Sandy Blair entitled 'Rondo', Can't remember the publisher.

    It's basically the same as the rondo from the Philip Catelinet 'Andante & Rondo' published for Tuba & Piano, but in my opinion the Catelinet solo part (same key) is better than the one included with the band set.
  12. bigcol

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    Is that as hard as the horn version ;) ?
  13. Steve Marcus

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    "Hock" from Goff Richards' Homage to the Noble Grape has a range of over 4 octaves and is a lot of fun.
  14. Grimbo

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  15. brassneck

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    ... if I remember correctly, it is identical. No punches pulled!!

    post-edit ... oops! I should have added that it came as part of a collection of solos TomW arranged for tuba and piano. I will have to remember where I put it in order to tell you the others, but it is a good work-out for any instrument. Mainly Baroque to classical items.
  16. tubagod

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    There is also "the Bombastic Bombardon" by Edrich Siebert it has a Candenza duet with sop....
    also Tijuana Tuba by Sandy Smith
  17. Gorgie boy

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    There's a Soprano Cornet solo called 'High Fidelity' which is a 4 minute air and variation solo with band accompaniment. I play it a lot on the Eb and it works really well as a tuba solo. It is published by the Salvation Army (General Series no.1852) and you can get this from World of Brass.

    Paul Drury
  18. brassneck

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    I found that collection of arrangements by Tom Wyss at last. What you get from this Kirklees Music publication is:-

    (1) Variations On A Theme By Rossini (Paganini)
    (2) Allegro From The Violin Concerto (Mendelssohn)
    (3) Vivace From A 'Cello Suite (J.S. Bach)
    (4) Andante and Allegro from 'Sonata' (Handel)
    (5) Le Cygne (Saint-Saens)
  19. Grimbo

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    Hello Brassneck,

    Which of these is identical to an original theme by Schuman