Looking for a baritone gigbag...

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Dyddgu, Nov 11, 2004.

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    Hi all!
    LisaHolley came to band last night with the most beautiful gig bag I've ever seen! It seems she bought it when she went to Pontins with TmP band, and it's fab - just what I've been looking for for years. But she doesn't remember from whom she bought it! Anybody got any ideas?

    It's fabric, got a pointy top, lovely, easy-to-open straps, reflectors, and (most wonderful of all) has a purple front! Hers is for a tenor horn, and I'm looking for one for a baritone. Hopefully they do them...
    Please, can anyone help? I come in on a motorbike most days, and having this would solve all my transport problems at a stroke...
    Thanks! *hopeful*

    Edit: Here is one just like hers on ebay -

    Anybody know what brand/make &c this is, whether they do one big enough for my bari, and how on earth I can get hold of one??
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    its a GIG bag made by GIG. yea there quite nice and youd have to ask someone else where you buy them
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    Octave above in Huddersfield make these bags.

    Tel 01484 431725

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    *whimper* I think I love you all!
    You've just made a not-very-mobile baritonist very happy indeed, thank you ! :D