Looking for a band near Gloucester.

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by SuperHorn, May 15, 2006.

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    Help needed: My girlfriend is looking to join a band in the Gloucestershire/Bristol area. I'm fed up with her moping around the house and she needs a band to entertain her.

    She was a Baritone player but helped out on horn at the area. She hasn't played properly for a few years and needs a 'gentle' push to get back into it (it may take a while.. ) ;) .

    She'll be an ok player with a bit of practice.
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    Hi There

    If she is interested then The Band of the West Mercia Constabulary are always looking for keen players we are a friendly bunch. I know its a bit further away than Gloucester but I live in Tewkesbury and it takes me approx 20-25 mins to get there as it is just off jct 6 M5 at the police headquarters We are nearly all civilians and strive to have fun but play to as high a standard as we can.

    We only practice once a week on a Monday

    If you are interested please PM me or Email me on mustmart@aol.com

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    Hi , there is always the City of Bristol who are re forming after losing players.

    They are keeping strong as they have a 20 + strong youth band to bring on.
    The practise nights are tues and fri @ 7:45...
    Your contact would be steve ellis on 07977137646....

    They have a goal to make a great impression next year in the 1st section..

    You wont be disapointed...
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    You might want to try Bream Silver Band.

    Not sure of any vacancies just my sister plays for them and she would kill me if I did not mention them!
  6. alks

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    Theres so many bands in the bristol area that need players that you could pick from almost all of them, depending on what level you want to play at.

    Theres... City of Bristol, Bristol East, Bendix kingswood, etc

    Marshfield band nearer bath - near m4 junction so easy drive(my band- needs a baritone!),

    Or Dodington parish band in Yate (non contesting- relaxed) or

    or nearer Gloucester you have sharpness and district, cheltenham, chalford, nailsworth etc.......etc...

  7. You can find a list of bands in Gloucestershire and contact details on the GBBA website:


    If you are near the Northern part of Gloucestershire then there is always Tewkesbury Town Band. We welcome anyone who wishes to have a blow, and if you wish to get back into practice first there is always our Training Band which boasts several adult learners!

    Find out more at:
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    If you used to play with a Champ section band maybe try Polysteel
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    Tim you could always ask Lisa to come back to Cwmaman, I can retire gracefully then!!

    Have you managed to prise the Sky HD thing off her yet???
  11. banger

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    No Clare, you can't do that to us!!!!
  12. baribari

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    I'm sure she would be a tremendous aquisition for any GLOUCESTER based brass ensemble.<br>
    Claire - you aint going nowhere.
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    Hi, Thanks to people who have replied! I’ll be in touch shortly.

    Clare, Bari, Banger – she doesn’t want to travel that far to band and as you know she’ll moan if I even suggest it and as the others have suggested we can’t live without you Clare. Don’t want you going anywhere – particularly as you moan considerably less than Lisa.
  14. cwmamanbird

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    I wasnt planning on going anywhere, me drive to another band when i live within 200 yards on the bandroom and the bar!! Like thats gonna happen!

    Thanks for the support, nice to know im loved though boys xx

    Good luck in the search for a band for Lisa
  15. David Francis

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    Band required in Glos. area

    West Mercia Constabulary Band always welcome players for a blow. If you join we will pay you mileage allowance for the joy of playing with us.
    We are a friendly bunch of quite decent players, and will be in 2nd Section in January 2007.
    We are just off the M5 adjacent to Worcester Rugby Club.
    Dai Francis(Sec) Tel 01495 303120
    Try bringing a Bb Bass player with you!!!!!
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