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  1. Hello!

    I've just finished Uni and have now got a job in Reading so will be moving there in the near future. Only problem is I know nothing and noone!! Haha.

    So I'm looking for a friendly band in Reading to provide me with something to do and hopefully some nice people to chat to! I play cornet, never done grades but have done an A level in music and have been playing for about 13 years. I'd happily play any part as long as it provides a bit of a challenge so I don't get bored.

    If anyone knows of any bands around Reading, then I'd be really grateful to hear from them. A quick google shows that there is a band called Reading Spring Gardens Brass Band. Does anyone play with them?

    Thanks very much!

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    Hi Nicola

    Marlow Band about 25 minutes from Reading would extend a warm friendly welcome to you, we rehearse on Monday evenings at our own band hall in Marlow.

    We are a nice bunch of people who enjoy our music making and prefer larger quality events to quantity.

    We have a couple of folks who come from Reading so if transport a problem we can easily sort that out

    Look forward to hearing from you. Either on 07903014061 or pm me on here or via the band website www.marlowtownband.co.uk

    Best wishes

    Musical Director
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    Spring gardens good non contesting band. If you want to contest then the nearest (probably) will be the Wantage set up in South Oxfordshire. They have a good website with all necessary details.
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    Sandhurst is not too far away
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    Hi Nicola

    I'm from Sandhurst band and live in Reading myself. There are a few of us travel over from the area. takes about 25 mins.

    Depending on what level you want to play at, there are a few bands around covering the whole spectrum of levels.

    We are currently looking for a cornet player. We contest and do concert work too.

    Next weekend we are heading off to the 1st section finals in Harrogate.
    In 2010 we will be Championship section for the 1st time, so that should be fun.

    The band is really friendly, and we all meet down the pub after rehearsal every week.

    Feel free to call if you would like more info
    07770 735639


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    Hi Chinnor Silver are about 20 mins away and are a very friendly 2nd section band.We would welcome you for a blow.You may loike to check out our web site www.chinnorsilver.com
    Good luck with your new job.You can ring me on 07887717997 or email me david.pegram@virgin.net for more details