Looking for a bag to carry all music kit in.

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    Hi all, I am looking for a bag to carry my music kit in when playing out and about. I have the case my cornet is in however I then carry my music folders, mutes, cornet stand, lunch, drink and sometimes stand in a separate rucksack. Unfortunately in the rucksack things get bashed about and things are not organised. I am looking for an alternative however can find very little. I am wondering if anyone on here as any suggestions. Many thanks.
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    The best solution I have seen is a Pilot's Bag (bid box brief case), ones with wheels and an extendable handle are available too if that's a plus. If you want to keep hands free then some folk use a large messenger/flight bag, check sizes of bag and bits to be carried before purchase.
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    Aha, a BBb gig bag in green. I've only seen these in black or brown before. :biggrin:
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    Not a gig bag, its a hard case.......
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    Back to the OP, I have two small children that help carry things on promise of treats/under threat of death depending on situation.....saves a fortune on spending money on bags from a North Eastern Sports Clothing Retailer......
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    If you attach a mouthpiece and a bit of hose, it's not far off being a bass.
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    I had that solution, but it got increasingly unreliable and expensive and ended up telling me to carry my own junk
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    Tek up tub thumpin yul av more bags than ya can shek a blumin stik at :biggrin: