Looking for 4th,3rd 2nd section band in Birmingham/Leicester Area Cornet player

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  1. I will be shortly moving to Birmingham/Leicester area with a new job in January although i play in a jazz band in Durness Scotland i really would like to play in a Brass Band having played in one at school some years ago.
    Is there any bands in Birmingham/Leicester area who are looking for a cornet player i dont mind where i sit.
    Many thanks
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    Hi Audley Brass are looking for Cornets solo/Front Row and 2nd/3rd We are a little further away Near Stoke/Crewe but we do have players who travel from the West Midlands. take a look at our website or contact our MD Tom Hancock 07901537811
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    I believe Kibworth Band are looking for cornet players. They are actually graded 1st Section and are based south of Leicester. If you're interested, PM me and I'll provide you with contact details.

    Cheers, Ian Scott
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    The Shirley Band, also graded 1st Section, would also welcome another cornet player to the team. We're located just off the M42 in Solihull. Lots of information about the band can be found on the website www.shirleyband.org.uk
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