Looking for 2nd hand Cornet

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Born Again Hovis Man, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. Preferable something with a main tuning slide trigger. I'm in LSC area and would like to try before I buy

  2. monody

    monody Member

    Gerry Birch has an excellent Besson Prestige for sale:
  3. Ive been trying to get hold of Gerry to try that one out properly and hopefully buy it if it plays well. I tried it out for a twenty second blow on Wednesday last week. Hopefully He responds early Tuesday and I can get in to try. Is it yours?
  4. monody

    monody Member

    Yes, and it pains me to sell it but I'm not playing cornet anymore and I need the dosh :frown:
  5. Are you willing to do a deal privately to save you commission?
  6. By the way how old is it?
  7. monody

    monody Member

    For those of you that have asked, sorry but you'll need to negotiate with Gerry.

    As for the age, I bought it new from John Packer in August 2010

  8. I fully understand that and its actually nice to see somebody do the 'right' thing. Hopefully Gerry is about for me to try and hopefully buy after the bank holiday. From what I remember it played well

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