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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by MartinBen, Apr 1, 2006.

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    I live in Northampton and play for a band near Rugby but I'm looking for a 2nd band - I play Euph, Baritone or, at a push, a tenor horn.

    There seems to be very few bands in my area looking for players - 3rd or 4th Section :(

    I found Wolverton Band - anyone heard/played for them?
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    Funny you should mention them as I played for them until 6 months ago when we ended up with 4 Euphs so decided to leave and play for a band who actually wanted players to fill empty seats.
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    It's a small world sometimes! :)

    Have you tried 4BR Classifieds?

    - http://www.4barsrest.com/classifieds/default.asp

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    Well the 1st band I currently play for is Dunchurch !
    They are looking for a 2nd Bari though.

    They practice Tues & Thursdays but still would like a blow on another night.

    Wolverton are not too far - anyone know them?

    Hmm Bradwell look interesting but they don't appear to be looking for players - their website says 3rd Section but are they going to get relegated as they came last at this years areas?
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    The Parr Band (St Helens) needs a second euph player and a solo horn player, fancy a go at either of those
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    wow i used to play for Rushden Town band too and its a nice friendly band
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    What about Rushden Windmill? Corby also have a band I believe (Corby Silver) and Daventry and District are a lower section band but not sure how far that is.
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    2nd Band - New Venture

    Hi Martin, I am a little confused. You advertise that you are looking for a 2nd band to have a blow with, I contact you with my details, with the offer of a brand new euphonium to try. and you do not reply..........07949 369118 ( Tony ) or 07808 031326

    If there are any other players looking to play on a Wednesday evening with a very talented group of brass players, or players who want to either restart playing, or learn to play a brass instrument, please contact me on 07949 369118. You will receive a warm welcome, excellent tuition were required, and even an instrument. Come along Wednesday evening and see for yourself, and be involved in the building of something very special. Rehearsals are from 7.30 - 9.45 at the Alfred Charles Timms building, 15 Rugby Road Dunchurch, Rugby CV22 6GP
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    If you know neither of the people, how do you know why these people would not be compatible?

    Just a question, not a conspiracy theory.
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    I understand now.

    As you did not understand my last post, then you must not have understood my earlier post, leading you to making a wrong assumption.

    I can only suggest reading it all again, to see if it "gels," however, as I have implied earlier, it really isn't worth spending the time doing that, it just isn't that important, if it isn't affecting you, then don't lose any sleep over it, I am not.