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  1. .........its amazing how many bands cant seem to get this right. Speaking as a percussionist there are a few basic requirements.

    1. Help in with the gear.

    2. All the correct charts in order.

    3. A set list.

    4. Help and advice from the MD about cuts, solos, repeats etc.

    5. Generous (and public) thanks for your efforts.

    6. An offer of payment.

    7. Drinks bought,

    8. Help out with the gear.

    Full marks to the band I played for last night for ticking all the above boxes :clap:
  2. mikewoollard

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    I have depped for a band where NONE of the above boxes have been ticked. Although I very rarely want payment and am happy to by my own drinks, i feel it's courtesy to be asked if you want expenses and certainly to be thanked. Needless to say, that's one dep that band has lost as I certainly won't be helping them out again!
  3. Ianroberts

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    ****** drummers !
  4. ploughboy

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    I agree with you on all except point 5, a quiet thank you should be enough, Unless you need standing up at every gig for your ego!

    I was depping on Sunday and had a lovely time with a band who ticked all the boxes, plus the MD bought me fish and chips!! winner :D
  5. tubafran

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    especially this time of year when bands are taking jobs on with a significant number of deps to cover for players on holiday. A general public thankyou to the "borrowed" players should be sufficient - the audience dont really want to know who the specific players are, do they? Unless they've made a right mare of a piece then of course they should be stood up ;)
  6. cat woman

    cat woman New Member


    Thanks must surely be given to the musicians.

    Drummers only in exceptional circumstances
  7. 08cbinns

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    properly fitting uniforms???
  8. Di B

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    Band members treating you well and saying hello rather than ignoring the intruder loitering in the corner doing them a favour?

    If I help a band out the least band members can do is say hello. I try to do this for others when I belong to a band. - it is a real pet hate of mine.
    Bands I like helping are bands that are friendly. No brainer??
  9. John_D

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    I've helped several bands during the summer. Most have been great - friendly, helpful etc. Only one was not. Guess which one finds it hard to get deps for jobs?
  10. blue juice

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    As a bandmaster who deps a lot I try to make sure our band ticks all the boxes and we get good feedback. Personally I've been put off helping bands before because of their unfriendly and unhelpful attitude towards 'outsiders'. It mostly boils down to common courtesy and if you're giving up you're time to help others the least they can do is say thankyou.
  11. Valvespring

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    Not having music for the job sorted - music missing, these must surely be near the top of the pet hates list of anyone depping!
  12. Just to clarify my "in public" remark....what I meant was for the Band master/MD or who ever, to thank the dep in front of or with the band as a whole, rather than (as has happened to me) one player saying " thanks for coming" from the half open window of his car as he drives away.

    It is of course always nicer to be thanked in front of the audience as well, but thats not a major "box ticker" for me. It can of course be the case that the MD or bandmaster does not wish the audience to know just how many deps are in the band!

    I dissagree with Plough Boys remarks about boosting a players ego. Whats wrong with doing that? especially if someone has taken the trouble to help you out in a crisis, why would you begrudge that person a bit of an ego boost in return?

    But seeing as you are an MD, your probably of the view that the bandstand couldnt possibly bear the weight or more than one massive ego!
  13. John_D

    John_D Member

    indeed it is, although actually having the music there must be very important. Wouldn't be the first time I've turned up to find the music not there.
  14. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    This is true, my ego takes up a lot of space!
    When I'm depping for bands I'd prefer 5/6 folk to thank me for helping rather than have the MD stand me up and publicly thank me. . . Maybe that's not my ego then? :)

    I agree with some of the above, nothing worse than a band that don't talk to you! Like BlueJuice, I also try and make sure my guys make everyone who helps us out feel wanted and thanked, In fact BlueJuice will (hopefully) testify to that :) . . . .
  15. Where did I say i "prefer" the MD to "stand me up and publicly thank me"??

    Whats the point of posting a reply based on what you wished a previous poster has said, rather than what they actually said?
  16. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    pot, kettle, etc. ... ;)

    be nice!
  17. mikelyons

    mikelyons Supporting Member

    Jan beat me to it!

    I think we all like to dep for friendly bands. I really don't like taking payment, unless I've had to travel a long way and I always say that I'd rather a band help us out when we need it than pay me for helping them. Quid pro quo.
  18. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    "Generous (& PUBLIC) thanks - said your first post. That's all I'm saying.

    You don't get bands like B&R standing their deps up to be thanked, or a gather round in the dressing room for pats on the back for the nice chap who's helped them out. It's quiet thanks from members of the band, and if you're lucky pleasant comments about the good job you've done. We should surely all aim to be like some of the best bands. . . . And I've played for non contesting, 4th section bands who are just as civilised and welcoming!

    I agree with you Mike, there are some local bands where our members don't charge them, and they don't charge us, everyone's a winner :)
  19. simonium

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    I largely agree with Garry, although I would say in West Country at least, the bands I've helped out the lower section bands are the most helpful and appreciative and the higher sections less so. One particular example is a couple of years ago I helped out one of our top section bands, who will remain nameless, and didn't have any music provided, or stand (not that I would have needed one, and most assuredly no thanks for giving up an evening and travelling a 40 miles round trip! And I was one of 6 or 7 helpers. Both euphoniums were guests. Needless to say when they came calling for help again I wasn't receptive.

    If I help on percussion I will always help assemble and disassemble the kit used. If any money if offered (which I never request) I never accept it, although if I'm ever asked again by the nameless band, the fee is £500!
  20. silver surfer

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    I help several bands out and all seem pretty good, not only does the md say thanks but 5/6 in the band always say thanks and maybe buy me a jar now and then thats enough for me . always happy to help!