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    The Longridge Band currently have vancancies on baritone and tenor horn. The band is situated near Preston North West area and are currently First Section looking to gain their place back in the Championship Section. This is a very friendly and hard working band. The band is busy currently preparing for their anual proms concert, recording of Darrol Barry's compositions and not forgetting their planned tour to visit Holland!

    If you are interested in any of the positions then please feel free to take a look at the band website www.longridgeband.org.uk and contact the band that way or send me PM on here and I will be more then happy to give you any further information required.

    The Longridge Band
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    Longridge Band - Vacanies



    First class Solo Euphonium, 2nd. Baritone and Front Row Cornet to complete a very talented and ambitious line up.

    We are extremely anxious to move on to the next level and have recently secured the services of the highly experienced Mike Cotter.
    We are looking forward to working with MC on his own unique brand of entertainment which has proved to be extremely popular, not only with the audiences but is also exciting for the Band in their preparations. We have done quite a few of these Musical Shows with MC with packed houses on every event.
    To quote 4 bars rest for a show Mike did with Fodens Band at Winsford in 2006 As for being the best band concert ever it's close. Probably Black Dyke at the Tattershall Sales Ring in 1985 with John Clough and Phillip McCann on their feet just edges it for us but it is close, very close.” So you can tell the quality of these shows…
    Preparations are already in progress for the forthcoming contest season, an area which Mike has had lots of successes both with us here at Longridge in the past, and many other Bands around the country.
    So please, if you are committed, need enjoyment from your banding, and ready for a challenge, please give us a call.


    All discussions will be dealt with, in the strictest of confidence.

    Sue Newby 07801 486785 or

    Mike Cotter 07903 829956

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