Longridge Band in World Premiere

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    The Longridge Band are delighted to announce that under their conductor Steven Booth they will be giving the 'world premiere of the brass band version of Ernest Tomlinson's Suite of English Folk-Dances.

    The premiere is set to be the highlight of the Band’s Midsummer Proms Concert to be held at Longridge Civic Hall on Saturday July 17th commencing at 7.30pm.

    Originally composed for orchestra, the work has become one of the most performed suites written since the war, with many broadcasts and two recordings. After many requests from
    the publisher to arrange the suite for brass band, Ernest Tomlinson, having already arranged the work for wind band, finally agreed to undertake the assignment, not uninfluenced by the fact that three bandsmen, in different parts of the country, had sought permission to make their own arrangement. Its publication comes, appropriately enough, in the composer's 80th year, exactly 50 years after its publication for orchestra.

    "I'm delighted that Longridge Band are to give my suite its first performance" says Ernest. "I have been tremendously impressed by the high standard reached by the band, and I am sure they will give the work a great send-off."

    The Suite of English Folk-Dances has six contrasting movements, with unusual titles familiar to folk-dancers since the dances and their tunes were first published nearly four centuries ago. The suite is most enjoyable both to the listener and performer. All sections of the band are extended technically to great effect.
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