Longridge announce departure of MD Steve Tarry and appointment of MD Mike Cotter

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    The Longridge Band is sad to announce the departure of MD Steve Tarry. Steve will be leaving the band on 28th August 2009 as he will be moving to Kuwait to further his teaching career. The band have appointed Mike Cotter as their new conductor and is currently working behind the scenes alongside Steve.

    ‘After some well structured planning, and negotiations with the management team at Longridge, I look forward with excitement and determination to the task which lies ahead, both in the presentation of our own unique brand of entertainment and also in the competitive arena.’ Mike Cotter

    ‘I am really sad to be leaving the Longridge Band. They have worked very hard for me over these last two years and the band is improving in strength. They are a very friendly band and I have become very close friends with them over these last two years which made it hard for me to make the decision of moving to Kuwait. I will be leaving at the end of August, however, whenever I am back in England I am sure to be down playing with the band.’ Steve Tarry
  2. Columbo

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    Good Luck to Mike. Know him well, and I'm sure he'll do a great job. All the best mate!
  3. Columbo

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    Forgot to mention. Its good to see Mike up and about again. The last I heard, he wasn't so good and laid up. Good luck Mike and great to see you mended mate. Keep in touch. Call me if you need a dep.
  4. weenie

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    Great to see you back Mike...............nothing keeps you down!!!!!
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