Longest with one band ?

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    Horace Ing, at present 2nd Baritone, with West Wycombe Brass Band is 90 years old,and still plays at rehearsals every Wednesday, and all engagments.His first job out with the Band was when he was 12 years old at a local Fete.His Father played at the time.Horace rose through the ranks to become Principle Cornet and has since gone on to play in most positions but not Trombone or Bass. He will have been playing for 78 years on June 12th this year as a member, only with West Wycombe Brass Band. Got to be the longest.
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    A wonderful achievement. Can only be a true bandsman.
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    Not many get close to that...

    I remember Blewbury band had a horn player called Sonny Wilson when I depped there in about 1990 who had been there since 1919 - I think he played with them for another few years after that, though probably not until the 1997 that would have been needed to make 78 years.

    Not playing, but I think Jim Alder was on the Oxford & District Association committee continuously from the O&DBBA foundation in 1923 until he died at the age of 99 over 80 years later.
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    We have a chap at our retired folks lunch club who tells me (every week!) that he has been playing with Cockerton for 83 years (he's old enough to have) but someone from Cockerton would need to confirm that!
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    Brilliant. Well done to him. That's what keeps local bands going. Our Eb bass player has been in the band for 65 years and shows no sign of slowing down. This is the commitment we should all aspire to
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    Our 1st Baritone player has been playing with the band since 1941, he is still playing at rehearsals and engagements a proper inspiration to other players in the band - well done Walter Green.

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