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    My band is coming up to its 111th birthday this year in June, having been formed for Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee in 1897. I know there are a lot of old bands out there so we are not unique in that respect, but we do have a direct link back to the founding members. Some of our current players joined the band in the 1950s as boys and played along side original members from 1897 who were rather elderly, but still playing nonetheless. One of these 'boys' is clocking up 60 years service this year.

    So, I was wondering if any other bands out there have this kind of long service or is it unusual for this length of service with one band???
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    The National Capital Band formed in 1925. We don't have very good records from the early days, but we've done some research. We've confirmed five members with over 30 years in the band, one of whom is still active. The longest known term of service is 37 years.

    But the long-serving members are a very small minority. In the current group, we have only four members with over 20 years, and only one of them has continuous service. About 75% of the band has less than five years.

    Like many other bands, we also have some family groups that have had multiple members in the group over the years. We currently have two third-generation members, and we have several parent-child combinations.
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    Peter Woodings at Newhall Band has been in the band for nearly 45 years and he spent over 20 of those playing on Principal Cornet. He held this position during their most sucessful period in the 1970's and 80's.:clap:
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    My Dad is 78 this year. He started playing as a teenager with Newtown Silver Band. Although he has moved around the country and played/conducted many bands, there are a small handful of Newtown players who stayed local and played with the band most of their lives. I think that says a lot about the friendly family atmosphere in the band.

    Perhaps two honourable mentions should go to John Bennett and Alan Breeze. Both started around the same time as my Dad and both have only recently retired from playing, but still keep tabs on what's going on. Alan occupied the Soprano chair for more years than anyone can remember and made a damn good job of it, too. John was an Eb bass player until poor eyesight stopped him playing a couple of years back. He's also served banding in general by serving on the Welsh regional committee for a number of years.

    Without long-serving and hard working members, banding would fail to exist.
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    John Cheetham (I think that's the right spelling, many apologies if I've got it wrong) has just retired from Coppull and Standish with well over 50 years' service under his belt. :clap:
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    Hugh Johnstone has clocked up over 70 years service with Dalmellington band in Scotland and he still helps out marshalling percussion at the Scottish Championships and the Scottish Open.

    In Scotland long service is recognised by the award of a 50 year service medal. Perhaps we'll need to revisit that for Hugh. :)
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