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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by P_S_Price, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. P_S_Price

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    Our band has now not had a practice since the 9th of July, and it looks like the earliest we will rehearse is now the 26th of August (which I suspect we wont as it is just before the BHW).

    That will be the longest Summer layoff for us as far as I can remember.

    What are other (Non School obviously) Bands experience over summer periods?
  2. Valvecap

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    We have just had a couple of weeks off (purely as it was MY turn to go on holiday) but generally we try to avoid breaks - once folk break you tend to lose momentum. I played for a band that had a month off around harvest time - countryside based band obviously.
  3. ian_b

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    We have had 2 weeks off, one in July and one in August, thats only because lots of players went off on their holidays, so rehearsals would have been poorly attended. We tend not to have a long break as well, as its hard work getting everyone back to rehearsals.

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  4. mikey.smithy

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    We've just had 5 weeks off from our last concert on 10th July till tonight where we started preparation for the British Open. We normally have 5 or 6 weeks off in the summer as we are busy most of the year round. In gerenal the band members try to go on holiday in this period and therefore it avoids wholescale disruption from June through to mid September. It works for us - and everybody turned up tonight in pretty good shape.

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  5. scotchgirl

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    We generally have a 2 week break, based on when most people are on holiday (we fill in an availability sheet)....we go back this week actually...but there'll probably still be people missing. Its always the same at this time of year, and its debatable how much actual work gets done with half a band sitting there...but that's banding!
  6. Leyfy

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    Two weeks off planned around holidays - back on Monday, and then a concert on Friday!
  7. DaveBBb

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    We've had one week of (this week). As a self financing Band we have to play all the Park and Fete gigs we can to make ends meet, attend Contests and pay for music/instruments/uniforms etc.
  8. Aussie Tuba

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    we have our summer at Christmas time
    Last practice at end of November carols til christmas then no practice until sometime in February usually 2nd or third week so nearly March
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  9. Bryan_sop

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    I'm having time off whilst I can. My old band probably would've taken offense to that and doubted my commitment....I now play in a band that's in the 20th century!

    Their loss!!!!
  10. Bryan_sop

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    On reflection and correction,

    It's just the (mis)management of my old band that would have issue with me having a life!

    Sorry to any of my old band-mates that could've taken offence.

  11. Bass Trumpet

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    And my old band, too. ;)

    Funnily enough, our mutual friend is a member of this very forum, but has not yet felt there was a thread of sufficient importance to warrant his valuable contribution.

    Sorry mods, back on topic....

    I'm all in favour of a summer recess. People need to take a break, then they can re-group with more enthusiasm and drive.
  12. brassneck

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    :rolleyes: ... early, middle or late period style?
  13. KenIrvin

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    For us its business as usual, fitting practice around summer engagements. If low turnout we have the opportunity to fine tune sections of music. We too are self financing so cannot afford to ease up whatever the season.