Long Gone Brass Bands

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    I started playing in a brass band over 30yrs ago when i was about 12yrs old, my music teacher was playing for Greenalls, then known as Greenalls Champion Band under the baton of the late Jim Pearson. Along with my brother we was took to the band to start our brass banding life at the age of 12. It was such a different time in the brass band world then...No women in championship section, every town had a band, lots of carnivals and fetes to play at, conserts in the park...all these dont seem as plentyful now, except women in championship bands...Lol...;)

    My town St Helens had many bands, looking back over the years i wonder what happened to them? When and where did they all go? I have tried to find a list of old bands within my area but i have drawn a blank...Does anyone know if there is a list or website that i can look at? Does anyone remember any bands that no longer exist...

    Any advice or help would be very appreciated..:D
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    Is this any good? Fantastic, just what i was after, thanks very much, i owe you a drink or 2...so if ya ever at a contest come seek me out with Parr Band...ask for Peter on BBb...thanks very much..:D:D:D
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    Sadly there are so many Ex-SA Bands its a large list. Both from Corps that have closed, and Corps that can no longer sustain a Band.
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    So very true, St Helens Corps had a very good band back in the day as did Nutgrove Corps, that was 2 SA Bands in the same town, the nearest to us now is Prescot Corps and they only have about 8 players, I recently went through all the old instruments at the St Helens Corps to catalogue them for the insurance, many instruments have been passed on to other SA bands but a few remain. I found a BBb that had not seen the light of day for 30yrs since being stored away it was as black as coal, but being a bass player i could not resist as the mouthpiece was still in i blew it and was surprised that the valves still worked although slowly. I now have that bass at home to practice on save me carrying my band bass around....its 80yrs old and still plays very well after i cleaned it and gave it new springs..:D:D
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    My first band was Lowton Silver then Prescot Cables and then Cammell Laird. My father played at Edge Hill BR. There was also Prescot Parish, Nut Grove (before my time), Redgate Boys, Earlestown Viaduct, all gone now. You will notice that the bands I played for all went bust, add to them Stanshawe and British Vita. Two of my old bands had their bandrooms burnt to the ground (Bodmin and Fairey). Do you think I might be the jinx!!
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    John m, when I started playing at Parr in 1971, I got a cornet with the case stamped CL, Parr bought the Cammell Laird instruments when they folded. Interestingly, I found a photograph of Sutton Road Band at the home of Michael Hughes, Sherdley Hall in 1903 - I've never heard of them, neither has the old fellers in Parr, yet they are showing off 4 or 5 trophies. We practice in the lane next to Sutton Rd.!!! By the way, if you are who I think you are, I played for you once at St.Helens - Haydock borrowed me from Greenalls and we won on "tounament". I also played in Bold Miners when I was a lad with Dave and Val and Albert - I think it might be you! Regards.
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    Well my Dad was called Albert, my sister is Val and my brother-in-law is David, so yep, it must be me!!!:) I also remember Tournament!!