Long Eaton Silver Prize Solo Contest Results!

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    Long Eaton Nottingham
    Long Eaton Silver Prize Band recently held its annual solo competition (July 23rd) and here are the results.

    The adjudicator was Mr Walter Ritchie

    Invitation Solos, Duets & Quartets Competition Results

    Sponsored by Balfour Beatty Rail Track Systems Ltd

    Beginners Solo

    * Sinead Murray (Matlock Training Band)
    * Bethany Nicholson (Matlock Training Band)
    * George Ramplin (Long Eaton Training

    Most Promising Player

    Sinead Murray (Matlock Training Band)

    Intermediate Solo

    * Zoe Corden
    * Derek Harper
    * Stuart Towlson

    Junior Solo Champion

    Zoe Corden

    Junior Duet

    * Melissa Ramplin and Zoe Corden
    * Daisy Wright and Bethany Nicholson (Matlock Training Band)
    * Sinead Murray & Rebecca (Matlock Training Band)

    The adjudicator especially commended Daisy and Bethany for playing without music!

    Training Band Quartet

    * Melissa Ramplin, Ruth Cave, Emma Ramplin & George Ramplin
    * Melissa Ramplin, Elma Ramplin, Emma Ramplin & George Ramplin

    Mixed Duet

    * Emma Ramplin & Carl Ramplin
    * Emma Ramplin & Samantha Turner

    3. Stuart Towlson and Sharon Stansfield,

    Mixed Quartet

    * The “Irish”: Elma Ramplin, Lisa Balsom, Emma Ramplin & Carl Ramplin
    * The “von Crapps”: Melissa, Elma, Emma & Carl Ramplin
    * The “Horns”: Elma Ramplin, Lisa Balsom, Kim Larwood & Ruth Cave

    The adjudicator especially commended the winners for their performance of the Irish Blessing.

    Open Duet

    * Sharon Stansfield & Carl Ramplin
    * Elma Ramplin & Carl Ramplin
    * Sharon Stansfield & Elma Ramplin

    Open Slow Melody

    1. Sharon Stansfield.

    2. Melissa Ramplin

    3. Diane Bonser (Matlock Training Band)

    Diane only played under extreme duress (from her training band, who ganged up on her) and only saw her piece for the first time when warming up whilst waiting to go on (for her first ever solo competition)!

    Thank you to all who helped organise the event and in particular to:

    Balfour Beatty Rail Track Systems Ltd, who provided the sponsorship for the medals and refreshments

    Long Eaton Silver Prize Band club, for providing the venue

    Our adjudicator, Mr. Walter Ritchie, B.E.M. (our vice-president)

    Ruth Cave and Carl Ramplin, our official photographers
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    Long Eaton Nottingham
    2006 contest!!

    well we had another contest and here are the results

    Results: Long Eaton Solo & Quartet

    A great day out was had by everyone at Long Eaton as they put on a cracking solo and quartet contest.
    The Long Eaton Band fresh from their Harrogate Nationals success have been making sure they plan for the future as they held their Solo & Quartet Contest at the Band Club on October 14th.

    The adjudicator was John Davies.


    Training Band Class 1 Solo:
    1. Amy Redpath (euphonium)
    2. Colin Barradell (Eb Bass)
    3. Kay Pearson (cornet)

    Training Band Class 2 Solo:
    1. Melissa Ramplin (cornet)
    2. Glen Corden (trumpet)
    3. Emma Ramplin (euphonium)

    Junior Solo Champion:
    1. Melissa Ramplin

    Training Band Duet:
    1. Deborah Redpath (baritone) and Amy Redpath (euphonium)
    2. Melissa Ramplin (cornet) and Emma Ramplin (euphonium)
    3. Stuart Towlson (cornet) and Lewis Blackburn (cornet)

    Training Band Quartet:
    1. Melissa Ramplin (cornet), Stuart Towlson (cornet), Zoe Corden (tenor horn) and Emma Ramplin (euphonium)

    Mixed Duet:
    1. Zoe Corden (tenor horn) and Carol Hanson (tenor horn)
    2. Stuart Wakefield (flugel horn) and Sharon Stansfield (flugel horn)
    3. Tracey Breen (tenor trombone) and Sharon Stansfield (tenor trombone)

    Open Duet:
    1. Emma Ramplin (euphonium) and Carl Ramplin (euphonium)
    2. Melissa Ramplin (cornet) and Carl Ramplin (euphonium)
    3. Zoe Corden (tenor horn) and Carol Hanson (tenor horn)

    Open Slow Melody:
    1. Carol Hanson (tenor horn)
    2. Melissa Ramplin (cornet)
    3. Emma Ramplin (euphonium)
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