Long Eaton Silver Prize Band Solo, Duet and quartet Results

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    Sunday November 21st saw Long Eaton Silver Prize Bands annual Solo, duet and quartet contest, which was held at the bands club
    The adjudicator for the day was Mr John Davis who said he had a most enjoyable day.:)
    The youngest player of the day was Hannah Dennis aged 4 who played Hot Cross buns!!:clap:
    The trophies for the day were made by Creative Measures aka Sarah Measures who plays in the band;)

    Solo, Duet and Quartet Competition Results

    Training Band Beginners Solo

    1. Ben Wade (tenor trombone)
    2. Ben White (trumpet)
    3. Oliver White (cornet)
    Training Band Class 2 Solo

    • Tamara Mohamed (cornet)
    • Chloe Johnson (euphonium)
    • Matthew Micklewright (tenor horn)
    Training Band Class 3 Solo

    • Stuart Measures (baritone)
    • Derek Harper (cornet)
    • Lewis Blackburn (cornet)
    Training Band Duet

    • Stuart Wakefield & Helen Lane (flugel horn & cornet)
    • Rob Burrows & Ben Allen (cornet and tenor horn)
    • Adele Carter & Natalie Colegate (cornets)
    Mixed Duet

    • Lewis Blackburn & Sharon Stansfield* (cornets)
    • Mark Blackburn & Francesca Machin (euphonium & flugel horn)
    • Lewis Blackburn & Adele Carter (cornets)
    Open Quartet

    • Adele Carter, Stuart Wakefield, Natalie Colegate & Helen Lane
    • Francesca Machin, Emma Ramplin, Ben Allen & Natalie Colegate
    • Katie Wade, Sarah Eyre, Helen Lane & Tamara Mohamed
    3= Ben Allen, Rob Burrows, Tracey Cooper & Emma Ramplin
    Open Duet

    • Melissa & Emma Ramplin (cornet & euphonium)
    • Emma & Carl Ramplin (euphoniums)
    • Melissa & Carl Ramplin (cornet & euphonium)
    Open Slow Melody

    • James Dennis (cornet) Winner of the Tommy Henton Memorial Shield
    • Carl Ramplin (euphonium)
    • Emma Ramplin (euphonium)
    Junior Solo Melody

    (based on placings in the open slow melody)
    • Emma Ramplin (euphonium) Winner of the Jack Smith Memorial Shield
    • Lewis Blackburn (cornet)
    • Rob Burrows (cornet)

    * retained title
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    What a lovely post! Congratulations to all who took part :eek:)
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    also we have had some kids pass grade exams with merits and distinctions!!
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    :biggrin: Hooray!

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