Lollipop Music. Any ideas??

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Columbo, May 9, 2010.

  1. Columbo

    Columbo Member

    Hiya. Need some program fillers. Some lollipop music would be good as we have too much serious stuff now. Any ideas please?

    Cheers. J.
  2. katieeuph

    katieeuph Member

    'Be a Clown' is great - can't remember who arranged it, sorry, but will see if I can remember.
  3. Kjata

    Kjata Member

    PLC's march The Big Top?!
    Not saying it'll be good, but you asked for Lollipop music..... :p
  4. blue juice

    blue juice Member

    Singin in the rain always goes down well
  5. jrshimmon

    jrshimmon Member

    Cartoon Music - Peter Graham. Very silly.


    Soul Bosa Nova.


    Chicken Run ! ( Kazzoo's included)
  6. Andrew Norman

    Andrew Norman Active Member

    Apologies for the shameless plug....
    For a fourth section band with a few vacancies can I suggest that you have a look at some of my music Amazing Grace, British Grenadiers, The Water is Wide are all good fillers which don't put much strain on the band in between the good stuff. Cheap too !!
  7. Di B

    Di B Member

    Love it or hate it No Matter What is a good one for any standard of band.

    Really simple arrangement, nice melody, goes down well with audience.
    Remember on a park job we had the local teens singing along!

    Downside is you get sick of it, but that is the same with all music.

    I also really like Mamma Mia - it is super cheese, not hard and will waste ten minutes. One of the better Abba arrangements out there.
    Audience will like and as a player I can't help smile while playing it!
  8. blue juice

    blue juice Member

    Anything from brassed off goes down well.
  9. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    Proud Mary - funky slow then fast pop classic. Really good for sycopated workout too!
  10. blue juice

    blue juice Member

    If you've a decent sop player Summertime always goes down well. Good piece for the compere as well cos in winter you can get the audience laughing at the irony and the same again in summer when the weather is awful
  11. nethers

    nethers Active Member

    Manhattan Skyline. Just play that 12 times, perfect concert :)
  12. Columbo

    Columbo Member

    Keep them coming! Cheers chaps and chappettes!

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