Logistical split for Harper and Leyland

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    Press release: Saturday 2nd April 2011

    Travel logistics lead to Leyland and Philip Harper parting company.

    Leyland Band announce that the partnership between themselves and professional MD, Philip Harper has come to an end.

    "The band has had a great year with Philip," commented John Doyle, Associate Musical Director. "His enthusiasm and hard working ethos have produced some memorable performances and an outstanding CD, ‘The Age of Chivalry’."

    "The reason for the split is simply logistical," John added. "Philip lives five hours from the bandroom and the band has to consider the expense involved. It just isn’t sustainable to bring him to the band regularly. We are not sponsored and generate revenue from concerts, workshops and CD sales alone."

    "I've enjoyed my year with the band," commented Philip. "They have such fantastic potential and whilst I'm sad to relinquish my post due to the travel, I'm sure it will enable the band to achieve some much needed consistency too. I wish everyone at Leyland the very best for the future and look forward to working with them again soon."

    John Doyle concluded: "The band would like to pass on its gratitude and thanks to Philip for a very exciting and enjoyable year under his direction."
  2. Captain Cymru

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    This didn't last Long? What's next for both parties?
  3. leylandband

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    The band will be releasing details later this week regarding its musical direction for the remainder of 2011.
  4. PeterBale

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  5. bariwizard

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    Fair enough about the cost and time involved in getting Mr Harper up to the band - but to find a "solution" in a bloke that lives 12000 miles away is hardly going to do much to ease the logistical problems or reduce MD's travelling expences on the balance sheet!:confused:
  6. DublinBass

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    I thought that a bit ironic as well.
  7. leylandband

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    We would suggest that, assuming you are not in possession of our bank statements, you're not best qualified to comment on our specific finances. We are delighted that Jason will be combining a planned trip to the UK with the British Open, but his engagement is not a permanent solution. As mentioned previously, the band hope to be in a position to make a further announcement within the next 24 hours.
  8. bariwizard

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    Sorry for any misunderstanding / offence caused - it's just that the above paragraph made it sound like the issue was a logistical one based upon the distance Mr Harper lives from the band and the expence in getting him there. The irony is that the chap lined up to take the band to the open will in my humble opinion take longer and cost more to get to band than anyone - apart from the crew of the International Space Station.:-?
  9. Simon Preshom

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    But there is no irony though Bariwizard - Jason is not travelling back and forth for rehearsals in the way Philip was. He is coming across for an extended period and will, presumably be living a lot closer to Leyland than five hours in that time.

    Instead of trying to be clever, isn't there some Black Dyke Band DVD you should be indulging in some self-gratification to?
  10. Simon Preshom

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    Uneccessary insult removed.

    IH, moderator.
  11. bariwizard

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    Presumably a similar arrangement could not be made with Mr Harper who lives 5 hours (in a car) away, rather than 24 hrs (in a plane)?
    Leyland are an environmental catastrophy of a band. They spent years sponsored by gas guzzling trucks Ltd, then Springfield Nuclear Power Ltd, and finally decide to create their own ozone hole for the open by flying the new Md from the other side of the planet! - I'll get my coat and go back to my Black Dyke DVD and the tissues.;)
  12. Red Elvis

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    Steady on there Simon - DublinBass / Pat is a respected member here that contributes a lot across a variety of threads , as well as being generally a damn fine chap.
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  13. MoominDave

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    Well said, Phil. I've often found Simon's put-downs lacking in moderation and respect.
  14. johnflugel

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    Come on bariwizard, out with your theory, you are busting to reveal!
  15. MoominDave

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    Interesting... "johnflugel" responded as if he is also "Simon Preshom", but then modified his reply... The original text is still in my inbox from the thread notification!

    Duly noted.
  16. WoodenFlugel

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    I'd be very interested to receive that Dave.

    Now, back to the topic....
  17. leylandband

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    No offence caused, just a little bemusement at how quickly individuals jump to speculation without the benefit of the relevant information. After searching for a better way to explain it, we drew a blank, so, as we previously replied;
    "We are delighted that Jason will be combining a planned trip to the UK with the British Open."
    I hope that the above quote (which you clearly neglected to read in detail previously) answers your query.
    Regarding your second reply:
    If you wish to grumble about bands founded in and around environmentally damaging industry, then there are many, many bands you need to add to your list. So many that, dare we say, there would be little left in our banding fraternity. There are some excellent books on band history which address the numerous benefits that works/pit/factory bands brought both to their members and to the communities which they served; we don't feel we can shoulder any guilt for being Leyland Vehicles/Motors/DAF in the past! As for our partnership (1992-1997) with British Nuclear Fuels (founded 1971)... well, the dates say it all, don't they? Again, we have no guilt about our time as BNFL Leyland Band.
    Lastly, though specific details are yet to be finalised, we anticipate that Jason will fly on a scheduled passenger jet from Australia along with several hundred other travellers, as opposed to the privately chartered fighter craft you apparently have in mind! Once again, Leyland Band accepts no responsibility for any damage caused to the Earth's atmosphere during this flight. :)
    Oh, and a final correction; Jason Katsikaris is not our "new MD". You really need to read our press releases more closely if you wish to respond in such a direct manner.
  18. BikeBadger

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    Maybe you need to stop taking yourselves so seriously,guys? I just thought bariwizard was having a giggle - he made me laugh anyway.
  19. bariwizard

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    I'd have thought that the decent thing for the band to do would be to plant a few trees, or pay extra for carbon off-setting when the flight is booked, and maybe get the band to share lifts and use bikes where possible.:biggrin:
  20. Big - C

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    Tell me about it! Reading this thread is making me feel like im married again!

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