Lochgelly return to the top table

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    The Lochgelly Band are delighted to have finally achieved their long held ambition to return to the Championship section.

    At the recent Scottish Championships the bands performance of Holsts "A Moorside Suite" caught the ear of the adjudicators who awarded them first place ahead of Bo'ness & Carriden band. The adjudicators were fulsome in their praise of the bands performance with David Thornton remarking "Excellent performance" and David Barringer saying that the performance was "an enjoyable experience".

    The band were last in the top section of Scottish Banding in 1989. It has been a twenty year journey to return them to the top. That journey began with a long slow slide down the sections until the band hit rock bottom in 2001 by finishing in last place in the 3rd section resulting in relegation to the 4th section. This seemed to act as a catalyst to galvanise the band. A win in the 4th section in 2002 was quickly followed the next year by a win in the 3rd section. Second place in 2005 saw them promoted from the 2nd section. The band seemed to find a level in the 1st section as they showed consistency with mid table results for the next couple of years. The arrival of Paul Drury as Musical Director in 2007 proved to be the springboard for further success. Paul further consolidated the bands position whilst also developing and strengthening the personnel. This all culminated in the win in the 1st section on 14th March 2010 and with it a return to the promised land of the Championship section.

    The band almost took the roof off the Rothes Halls as their name was read out in first place. Twenty years of frustration and hope all released in one mighty roar. A clearly emotional band representative accepted the trophy and sparked a party that would last well into the following day. Band Chairman Neil McCormack remarked that "there will be a few sore heads and sick notes in the morning, I'm sure of that. We've waited so long for this day we're going to savour the moment".

    Band spokesman John Martin said "it has taken us twenty years but we've finally done it. I'm proud of each and every one of the players that took to that stage today. The amount of work that has been put into the last few weeks has been incredible. We've had a few tears and tantrums along the way but its been tears of joy today, and well deserved". When asked about the prospect of life in among the big boys he was philosophical and simply said "we'll enjoy the ride, however long it lasts".
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    Congratulations on the win and the promotion, John :D