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    The Lochgelly Band held the second Bill Shaw Memorial Slow Melody Contest in Torleys function suite, Lochgelly on Sunday 28th March. Because this year is the bands 150th anniversary it was decided to open the field up to entries from all bands in Scotland. The response to this was a fantastic entry of 25 players over both sections. The junior section attracted seven entries including the current Scottish intermediate champion Ross Brotherston from St. Ronans band. A very strong field of eighteen entries in the open section included former Scottish Senior champion Gareth Ross of Newtongrange and reigning Northern Counties champion Calum Booth of Granite City Brass. The adjudicator for this years contest was Mr Archie Hutchison from Kirkoswald. Archie is a former conductor of Lochgelly Band and was a friend of Bill Shaw and is a very respected figure in Scottish brass band circles.

    The contest opened with the junior section which was won by Ross Brotherston of St. Ronans band playing the Stephen Roberts arrangement of the Irish air Carrickfergus. In second place came trombonist Heather Singer of Forfar Academy playing Spring Lullaby by P.S. Hall. None of the junior players went away empty handed though as all of them were awarded certificates and medals. It was also pleasing to see three of our own juniors performing solo in front of an audience for the first time. So congratulations to Ross Brotherston then who takes with him the Bill Shaw solo trophy, and a cheque for £25. The prizes in the Junior section were awarded by Marie Imrie.

    The winner of the open section, and recipient of the Bill Shaw Memorial trophy and a cheque for £50, was Whitburn band Eb Bass player Graham Fraser playing the John Golland composition Peace. In second place was last years champion John Martin of Lochgelly band with Gareth Ross of Newtongrange and Calum Booth of Granite City taking up third and fourth place respectively. The prizes in the Open section were awarded by Claire Dickson.

    The band were very pleased to receive entries from bands throughout Scotland and also with the quality of those entries. It was a fitting tribute to Bill and we look forward to staging next years contest. We would like to express our thanks to all those who entered and also to adjudicator Archie Hutchison, accompanist Robert Duncan and piano supplier Brian Anderson.

    Full Results

    Junior Section

    1st, Ross Brotherston, St. Ronans, Cornet
    2nd, Heather Singer, Forfar Academy, Trombone
    Merit, Michael Abbot, Lochgelly, Tenor Horn
    Merit Charlotte Davey, Dalkeith & Monktonhall, Tenor Horn
    Merit, Kim McCathie, Lochgelly, Flugelhorn
    Merit, Murray McFarlane, Dunfermline Town, Cornet
    Merit, Keilidh Watson, Lochgelly, Tenor Horn

    Open Section
    1st, Graham Fraser, Whitburn, Eb Bass
    2nd, John Martin, Lochgelly, Eb Bass
    3rd, Gareth Ross, Newtongrange, Euphonium
    4th, Calum Booth, Granite City, Cornet

    The following players also played in the Open section of the contest.

    Brian Anderson, Clackmannan, Euphonium
    David Bennison, Lochgelly, Eb Bass
    Jason Blyth, Perthshire Brass, Cornet
    Ross Brotherston, St. Ronans, Cornet
    Charlotte Davey, Dalkeith & Monktonhall, Tenor Horn
    Robert Fraser, Whitburn, Eb Bass
    Bill Guyan, Lochgelly, Eb Bass
    Margaret Guyan, Queensferry High, Tenor Horn
    Alison Hall, Kirkintilloch, Tenor Horn
    Danny Harrison, Dunfermline Town, Cornet
    Aileen McAlpine, Lochgelly, Tenor Horn
    Fiona McAlpine, Lochgelly, Tenor Horn
    Ian Ross, Broxburn Public, Soprano
    Jacqueline Symon, Livingston, Flugelhorn
  2. flugelgal

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    A huge well done to them all (especially oor Calum). :D

  3. flugelgal

    flugelgal Active Member

    :D :D :D

    What's a "Public Soprano"?

  4. HBB

    HBB Active Member

    New York City
    A brave man that actually admits to playing that squeek box!
  5. Lauradoll

    Lauradoll Active Member

    Why was it only open to Scottish bands? I'd have come home to play in it if I'd have known about it John, and I'm sure a few other of my friends would have as well!

    Being an ex- Fifer I like to see Fife bands doing good things. Well done Lochgelly, Bill'd be very proud.
  6. eckyboy

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    Cupar, Fife.
    Glad it went well John and congrats on coming 2cnd.I think it would be a bit far to come up for most Laura-650 mile round trip at a guess.Bands up here don't get asked to come down to individual solo contests organised by local bands down South probably for the same reason.
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