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  1. CateKnight

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    Hello there, am hoping someone can help urgently - ish! Have been looking for sheet music (score and band parts) for Local Hero for Eflat Tenor Horn. I know it must exist because I have heard it played by a band locally and also on a couple of recordings but all I can find is a solo cornet part or some random 80's guitar version. Anyone know where I can get my mitts on a copy asap - Have a lovely credit card to hand so money is no prob!

  2. MrsDoyle

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  3. CateKnight

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    Thanks Daniel, Thats great but the link you sent only seems to allow me to purchase the CD not the sheet music! I might be being thick! so close and yet so far!!! plus a large proportion of the site is in Swiss!!
  4. MrsDoyle

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    Click the Union Jack on the left hand side of the page for the above links.

    Try http://www.obrasso.ch/shop/bestellung.html for ordering.

    Type 'Going Home from the Local Hero - Alan Fernie' in the title box and leave number blank, then fill in the rest of the form. If you need any help just ask. :)
  5. CateKnight

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    Thank you! - I have often wondered if I am actually flautist in disguise such is my scattiness at times! You are a star!
  6. MrsDoyle

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    You're welcome

  7. The Wherryman

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    Scott Morrice did an arrangement entitled "Theme from a Local Hero" for solo tenor horn.
  8. Errol

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    Hi Cate, the version you are looking for is an arrangement by a guy called Scott Morrice, who plays bass trombone for the Kirkintilloch Band. I have been trying to get hold of this piece myself without success, but I don't think it has actually been published. The title of the piece is "Local Hero" and it is featured on a C.D. called "Summon the Heroes" by the Kirkintilloch band. The Alan Fernie arrangement is called "Going Home" (originally by Mark Knopler of Dire Straits) and is not a tenor horn solo, although I think the horn has the melody in the first few bars.
  9. Thirteen Ball

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    I'm fairly sure I heard this once.... In a joint concert with Norfolk Wherry we did a few years back! :)

    Belting good arrangement it was too - providing you kept the sop on a tight leash when duetting with the soloist.

    If it's not published, it deserves to be.
  10. westoe_horn

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    I have played the Kirkintilloch arrangement with my band it definately has been published. I'll PM you with the details Cate.
  11. brassneck

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    You can check whether it is Scott's arrangement. You can download it in full here (lo-fi). Allan Wardrope is the soloist.
  12. Nikki T

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    Cate - if you find a copy let me know - I've been searching everywhere for it.....it's an awesome piece.

    Nikki :clap:
  13. Scomor

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    After year of just reading what's going on I've finally got around to joining up! Yes It's me..........the guy called Scott Morrice! I have the rights to publish the arrangement of Local Hero and have really only sold it to bands who have made enquiries. If you would like to get a copy of it please PM me and I'll make arrangements to get you a copy.

    There we go first post done and dusted!
  14. Thirteen Ball

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    Sorta makes me wish I was a tenor horn player. Don't suppose there's a BBb Bass arrangement? ;)

    And by the way, welcome to TMp!