Local band contest in berkshire area?

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    MISS PITCH Member

    Hello all fellow brass bander everywhere!

    Quick question really - just started at Reading University and already trying help the uni band start up! We are determined to find a local contest to participate in slightly later this academic year - any ideas of any round the Berkshire area?




    As my hometown is in Sussex I have spent many a year going along to SCABA contests and would love to spread the joy.

    Any help would be fab. Thanks.

    Faye <3

  2. andywooler

    andywooler Supporting Member

    There used to be a Reading Contest - not too far even for students to stagger to! ;)
  3. Owen S

    Owen S Member

    I think your nearest contests are those run by the Oxfordshire association. I imagine you have several players still registered under national rules with their home bands, so wherever you contest, you'll need to find out about the registration rules.

    I'm fairly sure the Reading contest finished a few years ago, and it was for Championship bands only for quite some time before that.
  4. chill

    chill Member

    Yep, I'm afraid Reading contest died quite some years back. There are not really any local contests that I'm aware of for brass bands.

    We at Sandhurst (Berkshire) tend to venture off to the SCABA events at Folkstone and Crawley, along with Wychavon contest we just attended, and Butlins - Skegness in January.


  5. LynneW

    LynneW Member

    The Oxfordshire Association were due to run a contest next weekend but it's been cancelled due to not enough entries. They do have a website, so I'm sure if you contact them, someone will send you information for future contests.

    IYOUNG Member

    Does the Hungerford Entertainment contest still run?

  7. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    Well done if you've managed to get funding for instruments, music, registrations etc!

    Sorry to be controversial, but given how many bands struggle to field a full line up these days I'd rather see people joining the local groups than starting up a new one. There's a lot of bands within easy distance of Reading.
  8. WhatSharp?

    WhatSharp? Active Member

    Agree, with the dire shortage of players at the moment, another band starting ( for contesting anyway ) is just going to make it worse.

    MISS PITCH Member

    LOL! well its a uni band! on campus so yes Andy, we can crawl out of our common room bar after! its run by students for students and everyone pays a start up fee and thats it! simple and cheap solution to our banding needs! local brass bands are often too far afield to venture without cars and the night buses are often unreliable! also all the players here are more often than not still playing on a regular basis in their home bands! i mean com'on! 10 week terms? juggling both is pips!

    luckily i have a lift to 2 local bands as well who niether contest! it's just somthing more for us as simple students to do in ur our sober lives !

    regarding SCABA - ive contacted ron gray - gave lots of information and we probs gonna enter ringmer quatets if we can get registered in time!

    i'll look into the oxfordshire one!

    thanks to everyone who has replied - you have all been a great help!

    hope to see ya at a local contest some time :p ;)

    faye x
  10. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    I know plenty of students who did, and do, manage to take an active part in local bands while they're at uni - and there's more than one band within easy reach of Reading with vacancies. Just mho, but its seems a shame to do your own thing when existing bands would probably welcome any students with open arms and be happy to organise lifts for you!

    But hey, each to their own... good luck whatever you decide to do.

    MISS PITCH Member

    what band did you have in mind?

    faye x
  12. UncleStreaky

    UncleStreaky Member

    Some unis manage to put decent student bands together and do well. Warwick? Leeds? Must be lots more...

    It doesn't necessarily stop you from helping out other local bands as well. But it does give you the chance to get involved in setting up and running a band and dealing with lots of issues in a relatively safe environment that you will probably find will give you great experience for years to come.

    And what's wrong with starting a new band anyway? Anything that gets and keeps people involved in brass bands must be a good thing and at least the local bands will know who to contact if they need students to dep!

    If I was a local band and knew there was a new uni band starting I'd be thinking how can we make the best of this for all concerned and maybe talk about some sort of collaboration over music, deps, association with the university, enhanced profile, access to audience...

    Congratulations on the initiative - I wish you all the best of luck!


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