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    Can somebody please explain loans to me? I've been trying to get my head around them but there are so many different types, I'm veeery confused!
    For example, if I wanted a loan of £50,546.15 (roughly :tongue: ) for training fees, what would I need to do? At first I thought I needed a bank loan...but don't bank loans require you to have a job as proof that you are able to pay it back? And student loans seemed to be aimed at university/college students, but I need a loan to become a pilot!
    I want to do my music degree first, but I need to know whether it's feasible to come out of college with £40,000 in debt and then get another loan of £50,000? Would any loany type people be stupid enough to give that to me?

    Any sensible grown-up's replies very much appreciated!
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    I think the way a lot of people get around the problem when training for specific positions such as commercial airline pilots is to get 'sponsorship' from an employer - e.g. one of the major airlines gives you the £50,000 but you are then contractually tied in to work for them for several years afterwards, otherwise you pay very heavy interest / penalty payments.

    Otherwise you are indeed left with either having to offer up something as security (property etc, i.e. a mortgage) or have a fairly steady income to show you will be able to pay back the loan. There are lenders who will loan money in other circumstances but you would be charged a hefty interest rate and the situation where people are lent money which they may not be able to pay back is increasingly being criticised and legislated against.
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    Yes, I read that many airlines offer sponsorship, but I'm looking at becoming a helicopter pilot, which has very limited oppurtinities for sponsorship or funding.
    I know this thread might seem a bit random, but I need to work out very soon whether I actually want to go to music college first as a year's accomodation and tuition is quite a lot to waste!!
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    Have you had a look at the training provider? I imagine they probably have schemes or ways of helping you to pay for it(I don't think there are many people with a spare 50k going!) Regarding bank loans, it is unlikely that a high st bank would lend above £25k without some form of security(house etc) that is certainly the case where I used to work.

    I know you say you need to make a decison, but personally if wasn't 100% sure about going to uni to do course, I wouldn't be doing it, as you have said it's an expensive mistake to make!
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