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    finally got round to doing 'one of these'!

    Well, my 'real' name is Kim. I live in Essex, and I play the cornet. I'm a secondary school music teacher for my sins, and I love it!!

    I started banding when I went to the University of Leeds and couldn't find anywhere to play Clarinet. I'd had taught myself a few notes on the cornet, joined a local 4th section band and never looked back since!!! That kind of included dropping clarinet to take up cornet as my first study....madness!!!

    Outside of making noise at school and music at band, I'm also well into walking and run Duke of Edinburgh award at my school. Mainly this involves wandering over large areas of Essex looking for lost year 10s, but its all fun, especially when I get to take students to more exciting areas to walk in.

    (any other DofE people out there btw? Anyone go to General Council this year??)

    Oh.... and I'm also Contest Secretary for my band. Those little yellow cards can be little yellow nightmares!! ;)
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    Welcome on Board!
  3. TheMusicMan

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    Indeed, a big :hi to tMP. Thanks for signing up.
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    Hello Kim, hope you enjoy tMP. See you at Stevenage.
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    Welcome to tMP Kim! I'm in year 10 doing Bronze D of E and I love it! Might be to do with my lovely purple boots and pink socks!!! And I can even use a camping stove!!!