Liz running marathon for CF trust

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    Hi All

    Some may remember a few years ago I posted a thread asking for your help and support for Rob and Liz, who have a now 12yr old son, Mason, with CF. Well.. I am back with another request for help.

    This is the thread where I posted details of what Rob was doing at that time: - have a read, such an overwhelming response from tMP'ers in raising money resulted in Rob exceeding his target by £1,200, actually raising £2,200. A fabulous amount.


    For several months Liz has been training extremely hard, and today, Liz is actually running the London Marathon for Mason and the CF trust. Her shirt number is 12470, see if you can spot her.

    So... if anyone is willing and able to help Rob, Liz and Mason raise money for the CF Trust, please, please do so. Liz's fund raising page is here:

    I appreciate we're all asked for money for this and money for that, and indeed, we all want to raise money for our bands... but if you can spare it, any amount... it will be greatly appreciated.

    Let's see if we can help.

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