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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Brian Bowen, Nov 25, 2003.

  1. Brian Bowen

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    Last Sunday I heard Derek Smith, now in his 70s, play a slow melody most beautifully at a memorial service for Stanley Ditmer. Derek's hallmark sound and expression were still very much in evidence. (On a connected memorial CD just released, Derek can be heard playing tone solos written for him by Stan, who accompanies.)

    For those who don't know of Derek, in his ealier days he was principal cornet of the Rosehill Band, the Band of the Royal Horseguards, and the New York Staff Band. He's the father of Phil Smith, principal trumpet of the NY Philharmonic.

    I wonder if anyone else has recently heard a living legend?
  2. bell_end

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  3. Martin Hall

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    Living legend, for me, one of the nicest blokes in banding, Jim Shepherd!

    I have the great pleasure of being a pupil of his and he never fails to inspire me.

    Jim is still trying new techniques and constantly in search of improvement!

    Match this youthful desire to play along side what he has already acheived throughout his career, and its a clear indication of his commitment to playing.

    And he is so dam modest!

    Jim's solo recordings are outstanding, especially when you consider the primative recording techniques used in them days. No digital improvement for Mr Shepherd, and I dont think he needed it!!

    Keep up the good work Jim!! (you've got your work cut out with me!)
  4. Dave Payn

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    Heard Maurice Murphy not too long ago with the LSO. Staggering....
  5. shedophone

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    I guess Pete Robert's a bit of a legend now- i heard him the other day and was amazed by his fantastic sweet sound. what a player.
  6. PeterBale

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    For many Salvationists and others, I suppose Maisie Wiggins would be counted as a legend, from the various works she premiered to her position as Principal Trombone of the Halle under Sir John Barbirolli. Although she would not necessarily wish to stand up and play a solo, she is still making an invaluable contribution to both the Salvation Army Symphonic Wind Ensemble, and her local corps band at Staines.
  7. cornetgirl

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    Jim Shepherd and Geoff Whitham for me - both lovely people and hopefully Geoff will be back playing very soon now!!! (and no Jez I ain't telling u what my fave perfume is!!!)

    Rach x
  8. midwalesman

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    Have to agree with all of those that have been mentioned and wana add a player to the list and he is Phillip McCann. Ultimate respect for his playing, still a great player, especially in Pageantry!
  9. Bob Thompson

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    Well it has to be Jimmy Shepherd, not only a superb cornet player, but a real gentleman too.
  10. Razor

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    Living Legend??

    As a conductor and banding personality Bandmaster James Williams of Enfield Citadel (formerly Tottenham Citadel) must surely be regarded as a living legend.

    What a record!

    From what I know he joined Tottenham Citadel as a player in 1944. He played principal cornet and was deputy BM as well as being a cornet soloist of some distinction. Whilst principal at Tottenham he also played with the Salvationist Publishing and Supplies Band and the Rosehill Band of the SA as well as one of the guards bands(grenadier??). He also had a spell as end man in the ISB in the early 70's when he must have been in his early 50's.

    I believe he was appointed BM of Tottenham in 1960 and completed 38 years or so in that position before retiring only to resume the musical leadership of the Enfield band again some 2 or 3 years later.

    He has played a huge part in banding within the SA over the last 40+ years as a conductor and has demonstrated a loyalty and commitment to one group that is rare to come across these days if not unheard of.

    Living legend?? I for one think so!!!

    Ray Collins

    Perhaps somebody with more knowledge (Peter Bale?) can provide more accurate info regards dates, length of service etc
  11. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    Just spotted on the Brass Herald website that the LSO have just extended his contract to the end of 2004, so plenty more chances to hear him play :lol:
  12. Accidental

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    I don't think a list like this could ever be complete without David Daws!
  13. Brian Bowen

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    Perhaps we differ in our understanding of "living legend". I had in mind people who made their mark a generation or so ago but are still with us.
  14. Kerwintootle

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    Well said.
  15. Seedhouse

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    For Euphers, there are plenty out there still. Steven Mead, David Thornton, Derick Kane, Trevor Groom, David Moore, and all the Childs' spring to mind! :wink:
  16. asteria

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    Took the words right outta my mouth Rach! I'm sure there's been a similar thread somewhere in the dim and distant history of tMP, but in my opinion these two are absolute legends! :D
  17. Rambo Chick

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    Re: Legends

    you big suck up mr jones(in the best possible way!). i thought someone might have put him up there. i also have great respect for his playing!
  18. drummerboy

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    Got to be Peter Roberts. :D His solo at the Open this year was class!
  19. Dave Euph

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    I wouldn't call Dave Tjornton a living legend just yet ... at just mid-20s it's a bit far fetched ... but I reckon in the next 10-15 years if he continues to make the progress he has already made in euphonium playing it wouldn't be unfair to award him that title.

    As for Steven Mead ... well, he has plenty of miles in the tank yet, I prefer to see living legends as people who have reached their peak and are now, if anything, on a slight decline.

    Of course, this may be the case with Steve, but we all know he'd not admit that!
  20. cornetgirl

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    I think we're the founder members of the Jim & Geoff fan club here y'know - but why not! They are simply the best.

    Rach x