Live Stream of Australasian Open this weekend

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    Hi guys

    I'm sorry I'm probably posting this in the wrong place... I get very confused in this forum! Admins should feel most welcome to move this to an appropriate area.

    Anyway, I'm live video streaming this weekend's Australasian Open competition to .

    I do the best live video streams of brass bands going around, and provided I get my hands on a semi decent internet connection I solemnly swear you won't be sad you tuned in (unless you're just a grumpy person). also has some full 1080p HD footage of the some of the recent Melbourne International Festival of Brass concerts.

    If anyone on here is interested in non-UK bands, this is going to be a very interesting competition. Gunnedah Shire Band, Brisbane Excelsior and Kew Band Melbourne are all competing, and are respectively the 2009, 2010 and 2011 National Champions - and haven't all faced off together in the same competition since 2008. So I'm expecting them all to be on top form and looking to prove a point.

    Also some lovely kiwi bands should be coming across, and I think a Japanese band. Information on the competition can be found at

    Stream will be going from around 10 am - 6pm on Saturday and Sunday, in +10 GMT time. The video player at will show you the start time in your local time zone if you're confused.

    Thanks for reading:tup