Live Stream: Melbourne International Festival of Brass ... 24/9 - 28/9

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  1. blue steel

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    Hi Guys

    Heads up I'm doing (another) live stream next week, of the Melbourne International Festival of Brass.

    Artists are a brass-nerd's wet dream:

    Wycliffe Gordon
    Mnozil Brass
    James Morrison
    Oystein Baadsvik
    Radovan Vlatkovic
    Steven Mead
    Rex Richardson
    Australian Brass Quintet

    Of particular interest to many of you will be the concert next Wednesday night at 7:30pm - Kew Band Melbourne and the Melbourne Staff Band accompanying Oystein, Wycliffe, Steven and Rex as they do some fancy solos.

    Things will be going live next week through and Concerts are generally 4:30pm and 7:30pm (GMT + 10). I'm not sure how that works for those of you on the 'wrong' side of the globe;). is actually having a bit of cosmetic and structural work done over the next few days, to make sure it can cope with everything. Don't have a panic attack if it's down a little bit over the next 24 hours.

    I will also be capturing interviews with the artists and organisers, asking hard hitting questions like "what's your favourite colour", "what mouthpiece do you like to use to play really high loud notes" and "is there such a thing as too much vibrato". The first few interviews are actually up now at

    And, as always, if you want a free sticker - send me a PM/email/facebook message.


  2. blue steel

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    Thanks to the many people who emailed in with concerns about the site being down...Scheduled maintenance was super successful, and the site is back up and running:

    In breaking news I'm looking at hooking up Steven Mead, Radovan Vlatkovic and Zoltan Kiss in online interviews with Sarah Willis - horn player with the Berlin Phil. She's the one that introduces many of the digital concert hall concerts, etc. It might not work out, but looks good so far :)
  3. blue steel

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    Oystein Baadsvik live now...he's quite good.
  4. blue steel

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    Hi Mouthpieces,

    I have Radovan Vlatkovic giving a recital, live, in about 1.5 hours on

    Most excitingly, tonight Kew Band Melbourne and the Melbourne Staff Band will be performing with Steven Mead, Wycliffe Gordon, Oystein Baadsvik and Rex Richardson. That will be on at 7:30pm local time (+10 GMT). I think that time (and content) will make it of interest to you guys.

    Enjoy....thanks for who have watched and sent through some nice comments.
  5. blue steel

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    We'll be live in 15 minutes...Actually, we're live now for mobile devices.

    Kew Band Melbourne, Melbourne Staff Band, Wycliffe Gordon, Steve Mead, Rex Richardson and Oystein Baadsvik.

    Oh, also going live to all iOS devices. Because I can.

    Oh, and it's free.

    Awesome, yes?
  6. Will the Sec

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    Awesome indeed, Tim, and your efforts are to be applauded.

    One thing though - would you do something about the troublesome time difference, please. Would make viewing in the UK much easier!
  7. trumpetmike

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    Real shame that these aren't available to watch at a later date (or if they are, I haven't found them yet).
    Much as it would probably have been very beneficial for my students to have watched this the school would have very much looked down on it :(
  8. blue steel

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    Never Fear.

    I'll be putting up as much as I legally can to YouTube, or if the artists want, on a PPV basis.

    I'm in favour of everything been put up, but the realities of copyrights, artists being happy with their performances, etc, make it very difficult. But, keep an eye on the website and I will put up what I can.
  9. blue steel

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    James Morrison and Wycliffe Gordon with the Ross Irwin Big Band

    James Morrison and Wycliffe Gordon with big band, live from 7:30pm GMT +10

    Tune in if you can - promises to be significantly awesome.:tup
  10. Rapier

    Rapier Supporting Member

    Tried to watch these but no luck. Clicking on the Live button closes the site.
  11. trumpetmike

    trumpetmike Well-Known Member

    Due to a lovely lengthy break in my teaching schedule today I managed to see a bit of this (Big Band with James Morrison, Rex and Wycliffe) - FANTASTIC!

    Thank you for making such incredible performances available to the world.

    It was a VERY hard move to turn off the computer and go back to teaching today - but was inspired. Maybe one of my young beginners could be the star attraction at MIFB 2025 or beyond
  12. blue steel

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    Steve Mead live this afternoon

    Hey Trumpet Mike,

    Thanks for watching and your nice words. Glad you caught the show and enjoyed it.

    Rapier - were you watching on iOS 6? I've had reports that the mobile site has been crashing a bit with it. I didn't have time to test it after apple apologies :oops:

    Love to hear details of what/how the site crashed for you, so I can fix it up

    This afternoon I've got Steven Mead in a live interview with Sarah Willis of the Berlin Phil from 4pm (Melbourne time) before he hits the stage for a recital at 4:30pm (GMT +10)
  13. blue steel

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    Steve's on now, if anyone over there is awake:
  14. Rapier

    Rapier Supporting Member

    Ios6 on the iPad, doesn't like it. Shuts down the browser.
  15. trumpetmike

    trumpetmike Well-Known Member

    Saw the beginning of Steven Mead's recital today - was late for teaching!
    Worth it though
  16. blue steel

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    Thanks trumpetmike, glad you enjoyed it. Sorry it made you late for teaching ;)

    Thanks also Rapier. I'll have a look at it and fix it up for next time.