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  1. sbandsman

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    I was unfortunatly away yesterday so unable to take advantage of the live stream
    from the Sage. So as to make an informed judgement for thwe next event the question I ask is ,What was the quality like both picture and sound?
  2. DublinBass

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    I thought that both the picture and sound were quite good. (I did connect my computer to my TV).

    There were a few freezes, but that was rally minimal. I'll be sure to sign up again.
  3. euphoria

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    I agree although I think the sound is better than the pictures. The freezes were not a problem compared to the big freeze when Cory played at the european championships.

    It must be a nightmare to set the microphones when you think of all the different band setups and groups of players playing off stage or at the back of the stage.

    It was a great day of listening - I would definately listen online again.

    P.S. how on earth could Tredegar win the entertainment prize??? (but that is off course another thread)

    RDTCBD Member

    I thoroughly enjoyed being there on the day. I have my own opinions as to what I thought was good and what I didn't like and disagree with some of the results, but hey, thats contesting.

    however I was confused as why Rothwell had 6 basses, 4 troms and then a full compliment of standard brass band line up. There was not reduction in cornets or perc etc. . Especially as they won the award for best bass section.
  5. Eleanor91

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    I thought Tredegar were very entertaining.
    I also thought Matthew White was out of this world. Well deserved the solo prize :clap:
  6. euphoria

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    We totally agree about Matthew White and what entertains us is obviously a matter of personal taste.

    I also wondered how many basses it takes to win a best bass section award.

    I really liked the "pipe number" by Redbridge (thats my kind of entertainment :D ) and have already thought about shamelessly stealing the idea.
  7. jezza23361

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    Don't worry - we borrowed the idea in the first place.

    Am I alone in being surprised that we came 9th in entertainment - didn't expect to be in the prizes playing wise but thought we might do better in the entertainment.

  8. Al

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    I watched from start to finish. It was excellent value for money. I thoroughly enjoyed the bands, but for me the interviews in between bands with various conductors etc.was what really gave live streaming the edge. Simone Rebello did a superb job interviewing and presenting.

    I only had one small freeze and that was picture only. I'm not complaining, it was more than likely a local problem.

    Kirtsy Abbotts (cornet - Carlton Main) and Zoe Hancock (flugel - Tredegar) were both outstanding but to be fair so were all the soloists.

    The drumbone made with the 4" plastic pipe looks like fun. I think you will need a wireless microphone/pick-up along with amp/mixer and speakers though, to make one work. This was carried out very musically and was certainly something new to BiC. Well done guys! I really enjoyed the Redbridge playing and programme all round.

    Frank Renton is a great presenter of course, but I thought his brand of sarcastic and cutting humour was at times unnecessary and smut isn't for everyone, especially your average brass band audience. At times I thought the audience reaction was just embarrassed laughter.

    Elland Youth Band was superb entertainment at the end of the contest, prior to the results. There are one or two stars for the future there alright.

    I hope this was a success for brass band internet live streaming. I have little doubt that other events will go the same way.

    To cut costs and production, I would be happy to see even a static camera covering Regional contests for example. I am sure many of our families who don't go to contests would love to tune in to see their local band take the stage for that 15 minutes.
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  9. tsawyer

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    I believe that you can play European Band sizes at Brass In Concert - so max 35 players.
  10. euphoria

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    Hi Jeremy

    Being a Blast fan I liked your Bolero act. I also liked the fact that there wasn't a wig to be seen in your program :)

    I couldn't hear the Mnozil video and it seemed a bit too long. I liked the ensemble playing though.

    The singer was fab. First time I heard a singer with a band that could actually sing in tune.

    I had you in the top 3 in entertainment, but I agree with 4br that there was to little full band playing.

    Overall I agreed with the musical adjudicators but not at all with the entertainment adjudicators

    P.S. what were the black devices strapped to the pipes (microphones???)
  11. jezza23361

    jezza23361 Member

    Yes - radio mics - needed to get the pipes heard over the band later on. Liked 4barsrest comment that we are not as good as Mnozil - oh really - you think!!!!!!!!

  12. Aurora771

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    Sad I missed it. Judging by the comments I'll be sure to sign up for the next live stream if I'm free.
  13. I went for the live stream on the day - pretty impressive. I was skeptical but the sound quality was really good and hardly any freezing moments!

    As far as the performances go, Grimethorpe deserved the win by a mile.

    Was very disappointed with most of the programmes overall as there were too many mish mash programmes in there.

    Its all good and well doing a traditional programme but I thought this contest was aimed at innovation??? And if the adjudicators keep awarding bands that stick with the tried and tested this is never going to change. You'd expect some of those programmes to be played at a lesser entertainment contest, not at this level.

    I think they all need to buy the DVD when it comes out and watch Grimethorpe's performance for advise on how to put on a good, well thought out innovative show.
  14. Just to clarify before I offend someone!! Of course there were some other decent well put together programmes played... not all were bad. Its the getting from start to finish on the same route without diverting completely off track which i'm on about and what I mean by mish mash!
  15. jezza23361

    jezza23361 Member

    It is all about personal taste - I sat and listened to Grimethorpe - they played really well and it was organised, rehearsed and slick. I was not convinced about all of the music - although loved the 2 song arrangements. Thought we had heard the last of Mr Lear to be honest and didn't like all of the shouting across the stage to each other. I did think it would be right up there at the end of the day - the chap next to me, don't know who he was, said at the end - well that was an embarassment.

    In the eye of the beholder I guess.

  16. tubafran

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    Looking at the way the points were awarded the performance seemed to have more weighting than the "entertainment" - music got up to 200 but entertainment was ranked 11 to 1 (the best being 11). Gaps of up to 4 points in the first set of marks but only 1 on the entertainment.

    I'm sure one of the statistic bodds on here will comment on that.
  17. I agree, personal taste - for the record I thought your bands program was one of the more appealing and well thought out of the day!
    It might just be me here or do programs that appeal to the more senior citizens of this world seem to generally do well/get high praises from 4BR?!? The modern up-to date stuff just gets quashed with bad comments/low points. No wonder this contest is stuck in a rut!
  18. Al

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    Well there's the dilemma. Do you play to the adjudicators, to the audience or play what the band/conductor want to play and enjoy.

    Whether you like it or not here's the audience (from last year? 4barsrest):

    I suppose in the long term they are the ones that count. When the rest of us are pulling our pension and looking for a day of brass, what will we be looking for I wonder?
  19. HornPlayerMK

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    Thanks for all the positive points about the streaming everyone. I'm glad to hear yo uenjoyed it. It was a long day and a lot of hard work for all involved but I think it was very worthwhile.

    Simone was indeed a star, particularly at the beginning when she had to adlib as the whole thing started 5 minuted late. She's a true pro.

    Highlights for me were definitely Matthew White's Euphonium solo (what a star), the pipe piece which was ingenious and funny (in a clever way, not a cheesy way) and I also really enjoyed Lucy Pankhurst's new piece performed by Leyland, who I thought chose the best all-round programme.

    For me it was a really tough call as every band had some great elements but and some not-so-great elements - hence the very close scores at the end of the day!
  20. I might be going against the grain here, but as far as entertainment went, I wasn't impressed by Grimey - they just came on and played their pieces, no introducing the pieces so that I knew what they were playing - not that they didn't play the pieces well because they did, - but I along with my friends that were actually at the Sage thought that Redbridge's 'entertainment' was very good and they did deserve to come a lot higher