Live or let die sop part

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Hsop, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. Hsop

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    looking for a copy of live or let die sop part (arr. r.farr). The bands copy has went missing! Will pay any costs towards it. Thanks if anyone can help.
  2. Andrew Norman

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    Studio Music have it and they can normally supply replacement parts.

    Call or email them.
  3. mark_euph

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    Could we trade? I'll send copy of the Sop part for a copy of the conductors score? lol We seem to have misplaced ours, along with some 50/60 others when moving band rooms!! :(
  4. DS2014

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    Oh God! Do you not know that this request for a photocopy is going to bring an unmerciful world of **** down on your head? Just wait, you're going to have loads of people telling you to buy a copy, and equally as many saying that you've already bought a full set so should be able to source a free replacement.

    Hopefully, people will have argued themselves to bits when some poor soul asked for a photocopy of The Floral Dance.
  5. mark_euph

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    It's from 1972 or some time around then so I doubt that it's still in print? If so I will try the publisher.
  6. mark_euph

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    If anyone sees this and can help with a Score for "A Disney Fantasy" Arr. by Geoff Richards and Published by Studio Music in 1989 that would also be great.
  7. Andrew Norman

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    Studio Music would be pleased to supply you with a copy - legal and not expensive.
  8. mark_euph

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    I already emailed studio music.