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  1. annmck

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    :clap: I have just signed it online. I have also e-mailed many people who I think would be interested, with the info about the petition.
    This really is a ridiculous situation. As secretary of a band I applied for a TEN last year to play "Christmas carols and music" outside a local supermarket. The application was sent back with our cheque because our local council said a TEN was not required. Yet, another council in Cornwall is insisting on a local band applying for one to do exactly the same.
    The penalty for ignoring this or failing to comply was, when I last heard £20 000 fine or 6 months imprisonment :eek: . You'd probably get less for GBH or burglary.
    I have already had correspondence with our local MP about this legislation.

    PLEASE pass this info onto as many people as you can and let the goverment know what an ill thought out piece of legislation this is.
  2. Pondasher

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    This legislation is clearly another case of bureaucracy gone mad! Even some council employees are confused over it's correct implementation, as already mentioned above.

    Does anyone know if any prosecutions have been made involving bands - successful, unsuccessful or even pending?
  3. bassmittens

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    I just hope everyone else on here does the same too!!
  4. GingerMaestro

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    Signed Sealed and Delivered (online)

    Lets just hope it has a positive effect
  5. CubbRep

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    Signed online last night.
    Lets hope this petition has some effect.
  6. tubafran

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    Yes signed up - then read the list of other petitions - oh dear - we are currently 1000 signatures behind the following one

    "We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to stand on his head and juggle ice-cream"

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  8. brasscrest

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    Well, perhaps everyone on here who is a British citizen and is affected by this law should sign. :)

    In my opinion, judging from afar, it seems like the current law, while perhaps well-intentioned, is not being appropriately implemented in a consistent fashion.

    I encourage all those who are eligible to sign as soon as possible, and spread the word.
  9. a very flat b

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    I've signed it:clap:

    Did anyone see this:


    The petitions system is currently in a public beta test. This means that users are welcome to sign and create petitions, but we will be changing the site frequently over the next few weeks in response to feedback. If you'd like to tell us any improvements we could make to the functioning of the petitions system, please contact.

    Hmmm, not sure if it can be manipulated.
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    Signed :tup
  11. What is this TENS license, and why do we / o we not need it?

    Go on, convince me :)
  12. annmck

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    Further to my message of above quite a few people I e-mailed ( at least 30) have already signed the petition online and contacted me to let me know they have. Thank you to them.:clap:

    If everyone who reads this thread e-mailed at least 10 people that would soon build up.
    Let as many people as you can think of know.
  13. Ffion Flugel

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    Signed! Everyone here should contact as many people as they can to do the same!
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  15. Rambo Chick

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  16. tubafran

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    TENS stands for Temporary Entertainment Notice and is covered by the 2003 Licensing Act however it's interpretation by some council officials means that some bands are being asked £21 for each outdoor location they want to play Christmas music at - carols are exempt but Christmas tunes are not.

    Was discussed here:
  17. Pythagoras

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  18. honey bun

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    Signed :tup

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