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    If you haven't found us yet!

    Launched in January 2014 a Live Internet based radio station dedicated to Brass Bands.

    We transmit live 1 hour a week, and have a recorded version of our weekly show running 24 hours a day until our next live broadcast, this enables people to tune in at any time / day to catch up.

    A purely voluntary radio station not for profit!

    We welcome all news / events / vacancies etc via email or during the live broadcast call in live to the show via Skype.

    Also if you send us an audio announcement in an MP3 file we will upload it to our station and run it 24 hours a day FREE.

    If you are a Supplier to Brass Bands ie Music/ Instruments etc then we also offer this FREE service to you.

    We already have listeners in over 11 countries world wide, with the UK bringing our main bulk of listeners to date.

    Please visit our web site for further information

    Please get involved ! its all FREE no catches!
  2. I just listened to your last broadcast on catch-up and enjoyed it very much. I shall listen again as often as possible.
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    Want to catch upon all of our last broadcast?

    We replay it Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday this week at 7.00pm.

    So you can tune in and catch the whole show.

    Although we are broadcasting 24 hours a day, this way you can tune in at 7.00pm and listen to the whole Broadcast.

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    If you missed our last Broadcast 19th March 2014

    Tune in now to catch up, running 24 hours a day!

    Please get involved!
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    Interesting items playing now on our 24/7 broadcast!
    Discussions with:
    NYTB Usa
    And of course our last broadcast recorded for catch up!
    Tune in now
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