Live Broadcast Brass Interviews: Sarah Willis Horn Hangouts

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    Hi Forum,

    Hope you're all spectacular.

    I've been helping out the lovely Sarah Willis ( of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, in putting together live broadcast interviews with really famous musicians. We started this up last year, and had great interviews with all sorts of people including James Morrison, Steven Mead, Radovan Vlatkovic, Håkan Hardenberger, etc.

    We've just announced the 2013/14 season of these 'Horn Hangouts'. So far the guest list includes:

    Alessio Allegrini
    Andrew Bain
    Stefan Dohr
    Julie Landsmann
    Marie Luise Neunecker
    Arkady Shilkopfer
    Radovan Vlatkovic
    Klaus Wallendorf
    and more…

    Tine Thing Helseth
    Gabor Tärkövi

    Jesper Busk Sorensen
    Zoltan Kiss
    Stefan Schulz

    Oystein Baadsvik
    Roger Bobo

    Performing and Stage Fright
    Dinka Migic-Vlatkovic

    Branching out…

    Thomas Hampson

    Jonathan Kelly

    Martin Grubinger

    and last but not at all least….
    Daniel Harding
    Paavo Järvi

    The first Hangouts will be next week, starting with French horn players. All these Hangouts are fully integrated with Facebook/Twitter so you're able to ask questions of both Sarah and her guest in real time. It's all pretty cool for technology minded brass geeks (which I'm guessing many of us are). I'll keep you updated on further dates as we work them out.

    You can see all last season's hangouts at You should have a look. It's all free, and done for the good of brass playing and musicians all around the world.

    There's also an official press release here, if you'd like more information. Please share it around with any of your brass playing networks...The more the merrier :tup


  2. blue steel

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    Hi Everyone,

    Heads up that the first 2 Hangouts will be happening in the next 30 hours or so. And, they'll be at in a good timezone for the UK/Europe, not bad for the USA, and fairly sleep-defying in Australia.

    Arkady Shilkopfer 9.09.2103 9pm Berlin/3pm New York/ 5am Melbourne (on the 10th)
    Klaus Wallendorf 10.09.2013 3pm Berlin/ 9am New York/ 11pm Melbourne

    Arkady plays some pretty crazy stuff on alphorns and french horns - check out his website here:

    Klaus plays with the Berlin Phil, and also has played for a long time with German Brass:

    Both will be great. If you happen to be online, feel free to join us live at
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    Are you going to be doing any 'hangouts' with top tenor horn or baritone players? The folk you have mentioned are all very nice I'm sure, but besides one tuba and one trumpet player on there I'm not sure any of them have ever played with a top band?
  4. euphoria

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    Well at least one of the trombone players have played for a band at the europeans, but I am not sure if that is that qualifies as a top band (I believe they were "only" placed sixth!)
  5. blue steel

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    We did get Steven Mead on last year... and I'd guess that a fair number of our guests would have performed as soloists with a 'top' band (James Morrison) etc.

    But, I definitely see your point. I'm working on getting David King on at some point throughout the season. Do you have any specific requests for 'top bandsmen and women' you'd like to see involved? More than happy to take your suggestions.


  6. euphoria

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    Hi Tim

    I was only responding to hobgoblin. I think the list is very impressive and I don't prefer banding personalities over orchestral players. I listened to a couple of "hangouts" last year and will certainly listen to quite a few of the new ones (especially Jesper Busk - trombone player from the Berlin Philharmonic who is an old mate of mine and who started playing in a brass band on a euphonium).

  7. blue steel

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    No worries at all Erik :) Glad you've enjoyed the ones you saw last year. I'll let you know when we have a date set for Jesper!
  8. blue steel

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    We're live again, if you're online and wanting to watch Klaus Wallendorf - one of the core members of German Brass talking about how he started playing a brass instrument, and ended up in the Berlin Philharmonic and German Brass!

    Apologies to any who are upset that neither of these musicians have yet seen then light and switched to play tenor horn (that we know of).;)
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    Hi Everyone,

    Sarah will be doing a live hangout with the very famous tuba player Roger Bobo in an hour, at It'll be in glorious HD!

    You know you want to take part... please spread the word to any basses you know :)