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    I've just been looking at the list of people who turned down honours over the years between 1951 and 1979. On the list it appears someone called George Thompson turned down an MBE in the 1954 Birthday Honours list. Sadly there is no more detail and there are people trying to crowdource the information about these people.

    Does anyone have any idea if the late great George Thompson turned down an MBE? I would have thought it a deserved honour for someone with the record George had over the years at Grimethorpe. I knew his brother Jim very well and spent many happy hours drinking his lethal home made wine under the pretence of lessons; Jim always struck me as a very self effacing man who would have been embarrassed by an honour and the few times I met George, he came across the same way.

    Be interesting to know wouldn't it?

    Pete Scott
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    Grimethorpe didn't win a bean til the 60's so I wouldn't have thought George would have been nominated so early. Also his trade card at the latter end of his career said "George Thompson MBE" so he did accept it but I don't know when. I'm sure others here will be able to say the year.
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    1977 (according to what Roy Newsome published in his book "The Modern Brass Band")
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    George Thompson's contest record (in as much detail as we currently have it):

    Looking at the start of it, he conducted City of Coventry and Grimethorpe in the Open during the war, so he was well established by 1954 - but went on to greater things with Grimethorpe after that date (e.g. 1967 and 1969 Open wins, 1970 National win).