Lip crisis!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Accidental, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. Accidental

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    I smashed my mouth this evening (with the mouthpiece... don't even think about asking how I managed that :roll: ) and the middle of my bottom lip is cut really badly. I spent about an hour with a bag of frozen peas on my face and slapped on about half a tube of arnica cream after that, but it still hurts like *beep* and now I look like Leslie Ash!

    The million dollar question.... what do I do now, and how long do I leave it before I try to blow again? Any ideas/suggestions/experience welcomed!!!
  2. iggmeister

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    Similar thing happened to me this summer except I was in a nightclub at the time and the item that did the damage was a beer bottle, (Budweiser to be precise). Friend went to pass it to me, she slipeed and hit my lip with the bottle pinching my lip between the bottle neck and my bottom teeth.


    Then next morning I had a huge gert lump which was most likely a blood bubble. Affected my playing badly.

    I left it 6 weeks before I saw the doctor in the hope that it would go down. He saw it and booked me to see a lip surgeon, which in retrospect was maybe a tad extreme. Appointment only came through 4 weeks ago but the lump luckily disappeared months ago.

    Not really much help but my advice is go see your doc asap just in case. If you need further help it may take a while on the NHS so dont delay. Also, if it is bad then playing might worsen the situation.

  3. Accidental

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    thanks igg, thats made me feel so much better (not!)
    luckily I haven't got a blister - just a big hole where all the blood poured out. even so, aaaargghhh!!
  4. Mike Saville

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    Alex, you want to be more careful - to busy gassing I expect :wink:

    I've been to the docs a couple of times with cuts and nicks on the lips. Each time the doc said not to put anything on it as your saliva is the best treatment and will heal the wounds the quickest.

    As for arnica and other such treatments . . :evil: I don't use them myself. I know loads of people that do and I think these people become too reliant on them to such an extent where their playing goes to put if they don't get thier fix! :shock:

    Anyhow hope it gets better soon.
  5. Accidental

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    Flippin' cheek - I was on my own, and I don't talk to myself (well.... not that much!)

    You wouldn't be talking about Vaseline now would you?!! I don't touch the stuff myself!

    We keep the arnica for normal bumps and bruises, nothing to do with playing, and it does seem to have stoppped the lip swelling too much. I had a very short, low blow today and it wasn't completely bad, just sounded like I had cotton wool stuck down the horn!
  6. Di

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    Oooohh nasty. Really sorry about the lip. If you haven't got any pressing engagements for a few days, (I know its nearly Christmas but!...), perhaps it would be best to just buzz the mouthpiece gently now and again and get back into playing properly gradually. If you do play and it opens up, you could prolong the recovery period and miss more jobs in the long term.

    Wishing your lip a speedy recovering. :cry:
  7. Seedhouse

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    This happened to me once, wasn't a nice thing.
    I'd advise just doing a little bit of practice every day, say 5-10 mins, but don't push it if it still really hurts. By doing a little you'll be able to test, or see how well your lip is recovering, and if it is hurting then stop and leave it. Over the following days, you should hopefully notice the pain decreasing with also keeping the continued treatment of the cut, you should hopefully be ok in no time!
    Gd luck matey!