Lions Music Competition - Trombones needed

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    Been asked to advertise this. PM me if you want any more info and i can give you the nuber of one to the organisers


    This year, the competition is for trombonists. Area competitions are being held very soon and the entry deadline is 31st october

    The Lions Club run annual music competitions across Europe, and this year is the turn of the trombone. The voluntary service organisation is organising and funding this competition for trombonists up to the age of 22 in a celebration of young talent and to promote healthy competition.

    There are set to be local heats in each of the 13 Lions districts across UK and Ireland around Dec 08 - Feb 09. The winners will be invited to the National Final at the Birmingham Conservatoire in April 2009 and the National winner will be provided with all the expenses to attend the European final in Finland in September 2009.

    The test piece for the National final is Bozza’s Ballade and entrants choose another piece from a repertoire list. The National judging panel is set to include internationally recognised trombonists.

    If you are interested in entering, please contact UK & Ireland organiser Eric Roberts ( with your name and address and he will put you in touch with a local Lions Clubs and information about the local heats. If you are a student away from home, please provide your home address. Please get in touch ASAP since heats are happening soon.

    Lions European Music Competition 2008/09

    Entry restrictions: resident in UK/Ireland for 3 years, age up to 22 years old
    Nominations to National Final by (local) district Lions Club by 28th February 2009, following local heat.
    National final: Birmingham Conservatoire, 4th April 2009. Candidates play Bozza Ballade and another piece from the repertoire list provided. Entrants sponsored by their local Lions Club.
    European final: Tampere, Finland, 17-19th September 2009. At this stage, all expenses are provided by UK/Ireland Lions.
    Prizes: Local - Variable prizes
    National - 1st £500, 2nd £200
    European - 1st. €3,500, 2nd €2,000, 3rd €1,000
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    Doh - I may be in a bit of trouble as I have been asked to advertise the competition but a lot of the details I were given did not make sense. The above post is from the British Trombone Society website and I apologise for copying it without permission! I emailed it into 4 Barsrest and have had Iwan Fox emailing me urgently saying that there had been a complaint and that the above article was under copyright! I had no idea so apologies all round!

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