Lions Music Competition Final 2009

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    The Final of the Lions Music Competition, featuring 8 young trombonists aged 11 to 23, will be held in the Recital Hall at Birmingham Conservatoire from 11.00 am - 4.00pm on Saturday 5th April 2009.

    Each of the finalists, who have been sponsored by a Lions Club to represent their District at the Final, will have to play the imposed piece which is Eugene Bozza's Ballade plus an additional chosen work from the set repertoire list. The winner will represent Multiple District 105 (Great Britain and Ireland) at the Lions Europa Forum to be held in Finland in September.

    The music competition is run annually by the Lions charity to celebrate and encourage positive spirit of young people and this year's chosen instrument is the trombone. In 2010 it will be the Classical Guitar. Spectators at the Birmingham national final are most welcome.

    The 8 finalists are Tom Berry, Daniel Chadwick, Christopher Day, Stephanie Dyer, Paul Exton-McGuiness, Johanna Hirst, Stephen Sykes and Rhiannon Symonds.
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