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    Hi all,

    What is a lint free cloth? I've been told that for both my cornet ,and now the violin, I need a lint free cloth for when I'm cleaning them, and I know that a lint free cloth doesn't give off fluff, what sort of materials are lint free?

    Also does anyone know where I could get some lint free cloths?
  2. pbirch

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    from asda, they are called microfibre cloths
  3. Getzonica

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  4. cockaigne

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    Old linen tea-towels/glass cloths work very well for both cleaning and polishing, and are tough enough to withstand a boilwash when they need cleaning themselves.
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    Some people prefer Chamois Leather cloths, especially for cleaning valve casings and valves.
  6. still learnin

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    No problem with the absorbent nature of the Chamois and residual oil on the valves and in the casings?
  7. TrumpetNick

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    Not at all, if you clean the valves and the valve casings with water and detergent before wipe them dry with the Chamois